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Action cures fear: 5 actionable video tips for beginners

The racing heartbeat, the sick nervous feeling - at one point or another we’ve all felt that fear of being on camera. 

But now it’s time to completely flip that mindset and overcome that fear of judgement that prevents many from getting started. Check out this short video snippet below on actionable tips to eliminate that fear of being on camera.

Recap of tips for being on camera:

Here's an overview of some of the key points to consider 

      • It’s not live TV, so chill -take a deep breath and spend a day filming to get comfortable on camera 
        • It’s ok if you mess up - don't let the fear of judgement paralyse you- eliminate that self-doubt and negative talk inside your head and just do it
          • Be you, have a chat - the more human you can make it the better connection and authenticity you bring to your audience
          • Don’t focus on perfection - There is no such thing as the “perfect” video, be you and make it conversational.
          • Take the fear away by delivering value. If your helping people you’ve got nothing to be afraid of.

I can't tell you how useful this video course has been - Rich Davies - Infinity IT Service Ltd

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