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Analyse this: Search Analytics Report goes live in Google Webmaster Tools

It’s official, Google has finally unveiled its latest Search Analytics Report as a part of Google Webmaster Tools.

The more precise report will see a huge overhaul and will completely replace the Search Queries version in a few months, when Google removes the Search Queries report from their tool feature.


Search Analytics executes everything the Search Queries report did and will give considerably more data and filtering options.

Google has been working on this data project for a very long time. It unleashed an alpha test to webmasters back in January who then approved a Beta test in February, with another roll out last month.

The report enables users to break down their site’s search data and filter it in various ways in order to analyse it more precisely.

There are some key differences in the way Search Analytics and Search Queries data is calculated differently but the best thing to do is try it out for yourself:

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