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Choosing an Enterprise CRM: 10 Features to Look Out For

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Every enterprise company needs to have a comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) platform in place so you can handle complex processes. Here are some useful features that all enterprise CRMs should possess so those complex processes can be taken care of in a smart and easy way.

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Contact Management

Enterprise companies like yours are bound to have thousands of contacts. A contact management feature in your chosen enterprise CRM will let you segment and organise your contacts to gather crucial data which you can use in marketing projects.

This feature will let you add company and contact records easily, log sales activities automatically and keep your records up to date without all of the unnecessary maintenance.

Lead Management

To make the management of your leads far more accurate, look for an enterprise CRM that has a lead management feature. This will let you identify your best customers based on their demographics and you can save plenty of time by following up with good-fit leads right inside the CRM.

By using this feature, it can help your sales team massively as they can personalise their sales outreach and spend less time preparing for follow-ups.

Lead Scoring

A lead scoring feature, such as the one on HubSpot, assigns a point value to each of your leads. This can help your team focus on high-quality leads and saves a lot of their valuable time by avoiding chasing low quality leads that add no value. 

By using this feature, your sales team can tell which leads need more marketing materials or which are ready to make a purchase depending on the score they’ve been assigned.

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Reports and Dashboard

A reports and dashboard feature is vital in any enterprise CRM. In this feature, you can view statistics through any custom dashboard and reports that your team create. The best part about it is that data is provided in real-time and it can be accessed from any portal by your sales and customer service team.

Sales Analytics

Another important feature to look for during your search for an enterprise CRM is the use of sales analytics. By using this feature, your sales team can make future sales campaigns a lot more impactful by analysing any data from previous projects.

The enterprise CRM you pick with a sales analytics feature needs to be able to pull data from every corner so your team really enjoys the benefits, such as website traffic, social media and more.

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Sales Forecasting

A sales forecasting feature in your enterprise CRM choice will provide you and your teams with more accurate benchmarks in regards to sales, so you can compare actual results to forecasts.

If you use HubSpot, for example, then detailed forecasts let you check which of your reps are having the best month, what each rep has sold so far, their projection and the total amount of deals closed in the set time frame.

Workflow Automation

For your team to nurture leads effectively, your enterprise CRM should also include a workflow feature. By having this blog, your team can automate email campaigns so they can move prospects around the flywheel and generate more qualified leads.

By having this feature, your teams can help scale your growth and spend less time on those repetitive tasks that can usually slow them down.

Automation goes beyond email, so it’s important that your choice of enterprise CRM triggers kickback emails when certain actions are taken, such as when a contact submits a form on a landing page. 

Campaign Management

A campaign management feature in your enterprise CRM will provide you with rich analytics so you and your team can see results of previous campaigns, as well as what is and isn’t working. It gives them an opportunity to monitor and tag each disparate piece of the campaigns your business runs.

Through this, it’s not a mystery how your marketing team is achieving its goals as the feature should let you easily manage your campaigns and focus on the larger business goals which unify your campaign.


Integration Capabilities

While this isn’t a feature in itself, it’s something you should definitely look for when finding an enterprise CRM. If the CRM choices you’ve selected offer integration capabilities, then that’s a good sign.

Look for one that offers integrations with well-known software and tools that will help your teams. This can include project management tools, marketing platforms like HubSpot, emails and much more.

User Management

Finally, look for a user management feature in your enterprise CRM, like a hierarchical format that HubSpot offers. This is something that’s needed or at least recommended at an enterprise level because of so many users and international users coming into the equation.

This feature lets you organise your users on multiple levels based on the team they’re in, their region, business unit, product line or pretty much any other dimension you choose. By having this feature on hand, you can be more flexible in what you enable or disable for your users and only giving relevant access to the right people.

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