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Digital 22 Celebrates Eid

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It’s no secret that at Digital 22, we like to celebrate and gather together for a party or a work social at every opportunity. We celebrate successes of individuals, birthdays and other common events, but never before have we celebrated Eid.

This year, it was different. We had an amazing selection of Asian-style food for everyone to enjoy and we joined together to celebrate Eid alongside our Muslim colleagues.

Mel, our HR Coordinator, was the person to initiate this new celebration. When asked about why we were celebrating Eid, she said: “Over the past 30 days, a number of our team have taken part in Ramadan. This sparked many curious conversations in the office.

“As our team grows and becomes more multicultural, there are more of these conversations and a desire to share and celebrate what’s important to each other.

“We decided to organise a ‘Jacob’s join’ style buffet in which everyone brings food of their choice to the table, from sides, mains to desserts and snacks. This collaborative approach not only helps to build relationships, we learn more about each other and our different cultures.

“We all took time out of our busy work schedules to share food and learn about Eid.

This is the first of many Eid celebrations at Digital 22. It’s also helped initiate conversations about other traditions which we should be celebrating!”

Eid Buffet


Raza, a Content Marketer at Digital 22, said: “Diversity, celebrating other cultures and recognising other important events are massively important to me because it's not something I've personally experienced in a workplace before.

“We all have the regular Christmas parties and the work social events which are always good fun. But events like Eid allows us to give people an insight into our culture which they may not have experienced before - even if it's something as simple as bringing in traditional Pakistani or other Asian food for everyone to try. Either for the first time or something they already love.

“It’s not just about celebrating Eid either. Everyone in the company was super supportive throughout Ramadan as well. Everybody showed a genuine interest in wanting to learn more about my religion, showing their understanding and helping us get through it easier.

“The more the company expands, the more people we'll attract that do come from diverse backgrounds. This is a good way of showing how open-minded, welcoming and close-knit we are. It’s important that we're able to recognise these big events and celebrations by having everyone take part in some way.”

Rikki founded Digital 22 with the aim of making it a fun place to work. Not only fun but also open, transparent and respectful. With the recent introduction of our culture code, we have a documented foundation of what we believe in and how we should interact with our colleagues but more importantly, friends at Digital 22.

Bilal, a Graphic Designer at Digital 22, said that: “Having Digital 22 support me with Eid is important because it helps make me feel supported for the religion I practice, but also helps to bring myself and my fellow employees closer together.

“This creates a diverse and open culture to the workplace and one that I can be proud to be a part of!”

Mark, a Director at Digital 22, has said: “Supporting our colleagues during Ramadan is part of building a culture where everyone is respected and valued.

“Eid is a celebration to mark the end of what is a difficult month for our Muslim employees but also a period to give thanks, reflect and recognise those who are less fortunate than us.

“Being able to bring those celebrations to work and share with fellow colleagues is super important to us as a business. Eid Mubarak!”

Digital 22 are always on the lookout for talented people to join our amazing team. If you think you might enjoy working at Digital 22, check out our careers page.