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Digital 22 has acquired a Canadian HubSpot agency to extend its expertise

After recently hitting Elite status, it was only a matter of time until we were on to the next thing. That’s why we’re so excited to announce we’ve acquired Canadian HubSpot agency, Larmahil.

From our humble beginnings as a HubSpot Partner in a small office with six people, today we’re expanding our reach by acquiring Larmahil and opening a new office in Nova Scotia, Canada. This is just the next step in our overseas expansion, with this spectacular location the perfect debut.

We’re already working with clients in 13 different countries, now is the time in our growth strategy to service more time zones, offer more expertise and create value beyond retainer and project work for HubSpot users.

After starting as a hungry, search-focused digital marketing agency, we switched exclusively to offering HubSpot and inbound marketing services in 2011. Since then, we’ve gone from half a dozen employees in 2014, to 45 and counting in April 2021.

So, why Larmahil?

Simply put, bringing in Larmahil enables us to do even more. We’re always looking for innovative ways we can better service our clients, this is a huge step towards raising to the challenge.

“Rikki, Mark and the rest of the Digital 22 team share the same vision for what’s possible with HubSpot.”

Jake McLaren, Head of Product Development at Larmahil, commented.

“I knew I was joining a team that shared my values and a company I would enjoy working for."

Embodying a similar ethos centered around growth and development, Larmahil and their team are the perfect D22 fit. With new additions set to join our forces during the acquisition, we’re looking forward to further embedding the D22 culture we value so much, as well as learning a few new tricks along the way.

Our expansion into Canada is another way we can internationalise the HubSpot and inbound expertise we can bring to companies. After launching two successful HubSpot applications and a plethora of modules, Larmahil’s insider knowledge of the evolving platform is just what we need on our side.

“We’re only scratching the surface of what is possible when you integrate HubSpot CRM with other applications and websites. I’m looking forward to having the time and proper resources to develop apps and assets that solve everyday problems for the HubSpot community."

We want to give Larmahil everything they need so they can continue to craft fantastic solutions for the HubSpot ecosystem. There’s some amazing stuff in the pipeline we can’t wait to launch. Read more about the culture we're excited to continue below.