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D22 wins four HS awards for 2019 client work

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The annual HubSpot Impact Awards came around again. We snagged some last year but we’ve only gone and won more awards for our client work in 2019.

Digital 22 has gained four internationally-recognised awards for our services during 2019. We fended off tough competition and secured some amazing awards for our efforts this year with our dedicated teams and processes driving the success. 

HubSpot has thousands of partner agencies around the globe, but Digital 22 has triumphed in making the most impact in these categories: 

  • Web Design category Q4 winner. 
  • Integration Innovation Q4 winner. 
  • Sales Enablement category Q4 winner.
  • Service Enablement category Q4 winner. 

Bringing life to Bermudiana Beach Resort: Web Design category winner. 


We won the quarterly award for our website design once again, raising the trophy for the second year running. You can take a look at the website here.

Like the expanding nature of property development projects, the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) methodology of designing and building on something existing was a perfect fit for this client. As well as overcoming lots of red tape, we designed and created an effective website fit for all Bermuda enthusiasts. After replacing the temporary holding site, we launched with a homepage featuring a bird’s eye view video of the island before entering one of the properties. 

For Russell, the combined inbound marketing and GDD process with Digital 22 means that as the development project itself changes and shifts, he can get relevant and innovative features actioned on his website quickly. “That’s the main impact, for me,” he said.

Next year will see the first inbound campaigns start to gain traction and the second phase of GDD getting underway. Both Bermudiana Beach Resort and the team here are looking forward to witnessing the growth and development first-hand. You can learn more about the project here.

Newcastle University’s need for SSOT: Integration Innovation winner. 


The goal for Newcastle University was to create a universal source of truth that all teams involved could use. We won this award with a whopping 97.5 out of 100. We’re pretty pleased if we say so ourselves. 

After mapping out what Newcastle University was actually utilising for what purpose, we began working with the university to figure out what current tech tools should stay and which could be replaced by a HubSpot solution.

Director of Marketing at Newcastle University, Jude Browne, was already sold on this solution and around 18 months ago, “the HubSpot project” was birthed.

Thanks to the integration, they’re now able to see what’s attracting students, help solve their queries better and continue to nurture them into choosing to study at Newcastle University. 

For the first time, they could capture student information before enrolment and also see how these prospects interacted with digital lead-gen marketing materials like prospectuses and study abroad guides. 

As described by Alaric Pritchard, “Without the integration, we simply wouldn’t be able to get the benefits of HubSpot.” You can discover more about our integration trials and triumphs here

Renovating Revival Beds’ sales process: Sales Enablement category winner.


Revival Beds have been handcrafting bespoke, high-quality beds and furniture for over 30 years. They’re built to last the test of time. Although, the company’s sales process was not.

While their furniture is crafted in a hands-on way with many steps and processes, there's no need for the sales team at Revival Beds to work similarly when it comes to leads. 

There was a time when it was all totally reliant on each salesperson’s own notes, then manually inputted into an outdated CRM system. Insights and data are now available in an automated and simple way for the first time in the company's history.

What was fantastic about Revival Beds is that the new approach was easily achieved on top of what they were already excelling at. It was more about setting the Sales Hub up to direct the team more efficiently and then showing them how to use it.

Another added benefit of having more assurance on raw material ordering is the ability to reduce and prevent unnecessary waste. This was key for Revival Beds, a company who has sustainability at its core.

The Marketing and Sales Hub roll-out has been such a success that it’s creating a new sales role to maximise the benefits in 2020 and beyond. Learn more about how we modernised and improved the effectiveness of Revival Bed’s sales process.

Solving Newcastle University’s customer crisis: Service Enablement category winner. 

With their persona being ‘anyone from anywhere in the world who wants to study at a Russell Group university’, the International Office at Newcastle University received more than a few queries daily. Despite being part of the prestigious group, Newcastle University knew they could offer a better experience for their prospective students. 

In spite of the International Office working relentlessly, prospective students just weren’t getting the answers from Newcastle University as quickly and simply as they required. Add in the fact that the International Office only operates 9-5 GMT and you have yourself an issue. 

From “do you accept students from abroad?” to “what’s the weather like in the UK?” and everything in-between, it all landed on the desk of the International Team.

By utilising several HubSpot features and integrations, they can now answer queries faster than ever before and free up their internal team to do more meaningful work for their global prospects.

We also built a couple of helpful chatbots to guide users to Newcastle Universities’ blogs which answer the most common queries and offer advice. Immediately, this shaved many hours of repetitive work off the International Office’s plate.

In its first week of being live, the bots answered and resolved 200 queries which would otherwise have been manually responded to. You can find out more about the success of Newcastle University and the customer service solution we implemented here. 

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