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5 Simple Changes You Can Make To Boost Conversion Rate Without A Developer

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There are many ways you can increase your conversion rate and benefit your ROI, without a developer.
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Are you trying to find ways to boost your conversion rate without having to hire the services of a developer? Whilst some CRO techniques require expert execution from people with experience - much can be done yourself with little input technically. 

We’ve collected the five actions you can do today. And what’s the best thing about them? You can do this yourself!

There are many different factors you need to consider when optimising your website. For some features, if you’re not a tech whizz you will need a developer to do the technical coding. However there are some simple changes you can do to boost conversion rate.

Here we go!

1. Keep Content Concise

It’s always tempting to write lots and lots on your website pages. But refrain from doing so.  

Online users don’t spend lots of time on a single website. Usually, they have little patience and are rushing through. In a study from Nielsen Norman Group, they determined, on average, web page users read at most 28% of content on a page. That is just over one-quarter of the words on one web page.

This is why you need to keep your content concise. Look at your current content and shorten it so you have the most important information available in a timely fashion.


2. Use a variety of text styles

Along with keeping your text short and simple, use different styles to help your text stand out.

Make sure your headings are bold and they’re a larger font to the rest of your text. Important information should always be bolded and you can even put it in another colour. Most of the time, web users aren’t reading, they’re scanning. Alternating with different text styles can capture their attention.  

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3. Catchy Content

Taglines and powerful headlines can do wonders for your conversion rate.  As you need to keep your content short, you also need to make it as effective as possible.

Consider who your ideal customers are and what type of content will strongly resonate with them.

Blogs are a great way to provide useful content for your audience. Blogging allows you to pinpoint subjects relevent to your industry, keeping your site up to date and interesting.


4. Choose Engaging Images

Images are important when it comes to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation). Images can be as powerful as words when used correctly. As web users don’t hang around for long, you need to choose relevant AND engaging images.

Large and high quality images are more engaging compared to small and fuzzy pictures. Using images with people looking at you can also be engaging too. Use pictures of your customers or your work team, this will naturally drawn web users to pay more attention on your site compared to stock images.

Bespoke Illustrations and Icons are also a great way to make your website stand out from the crowd.

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5. Offer value

In marketing, we discovered potential customers are more receptive when you offer something valuable for free. Giving a free help guide or premium form of content to your web visitors will make them more responsive to your marketing.

On your website, you can encourage people to sign up to your weekly newsletter by offering a free piece of content in exchange for them signing up. Once they have submitted their email, you can send an introductory email and the free content you promised.

This can help establish a business-customer relationship and help customers feel more responsive to future marketing. 

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