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Google AdWords Launches CTA Youtube Video Ads

Google AdWords has launched the new CTAs for Youtube Video Ads on mobile devices. Under the video, you can now see call-to-action buttons that can be adapted to fit the video ad. If you regularly use Youtube ads, then you definitely need to adopt these CTAs into your strategy.


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What Google Adwords have said about the new CTAs

AdWords have launched a new TrueView video ad which gives advertisers the option to include CTAs onto their video ads that appear on mobile. 

In their announcement, they discussed the power of video marketing, especially on YouTube. In a study, they discovered that 47% of US adults said YouTube helped them make a buying decision every month. 

These are very rich micro-moments that can encourage buyers to make a buying decision. On YouTube, it's an excellent way to engage with your target market.

So, Google AdWords' decision to introduce TrueView's new ad format is another method of engaging with viewers and making it even easier for people to make an action.


The Power Of A Call-To-Action!


Sridhar Ramaswamy explained the importance of displaying relevant call-to-actions:

"As consumers live their lives in a mobile-first world, it’s increasingly important for brands to build transformational mobile experiences."


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What are the opportunities of CTA YouTube Video Ads?

  • Call-To-Actions can be easily adapted depending on the content of your advert
  • CTAs will prompt viewers to make a specific action
  • YouTube ads can acquire more leads & customers


To get ahead of your competitors it's recommended you utilise the opportunities of using these call-to-actions on YouTude Video Ads if you haven't already. 


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