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40 Essential Website Conversion Tips


40 proven results to improve your website conversion and increase profits blog header image

Does your website receive lots of traffic, but that’s where it stops? Are your website’s sign up forms getting bypassed? Are visitors abandoning their shopping baskets? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you need to do something about it! Optimising your website for conversion will have a huge impact on your business and bottom line.

Improving your website conversion rate is absolutely essential to grow your business. Your sales volume relies on a good conversion rate. Meaning, getting visitors to take action.

Today’s your lucky day as we have created an eBook crammed full of 40 essential website conversion tips to improve your conversion rates and increase profits. Each expert tip has been tried and tested to help people just like you.

Your conversion rate is the rate at which your website visitors sign up, (or whatever metric you measure). Simply divide the number of visitors to a page by the number who take action, such as becoming an email subscriber.

So, by now you’re wondering just how can you increase website conversion? Well, here’s a sneak preview of some of the 40 website conversion tips that you can implement, just a small change can have a big impact on your conversion rate.

Show your testimonials instead of hiding them

What makes you decide to go to a certain restaurant, or choose one hotel over the other when booking a holiday? The answer? Reviews and testimonials!

If you’re unsure when making a decision on a purchase, chances are you take to the internet and check out what other people have to say, and that’s exactly what your customers are doing. It’s a fact that social proof converts. If you have great relationships with your current customers and clients, let the whole world know!

Not only does it put faith in you and your brand, it builds trust. Knowing that other people have used your product or service will demonstrate that you’re a professional outfit.

Our Customers Say We Are Awesome

Create personas instead of targeting everyone

Perhaps one of the most important tips is to create your buyer personas. Do you know who your target audience are, and do you create your content with those people in mind? Your ‘personas’ are your ideal customers.

Think about your current customers, what are they looking for, what are their challenges? Always have your personas in mind when creating content, put yourself in their shoes. What would they ask, what problems are they facing? How can you answer their questions and how can your product or service solve their problem?

creating personas

Keeping your contact forms to a minimum

If your goal is to get someone’s email address, then only ask for their email address. Keep your form as short as possible, your visitors will be put off by the Spanish Inquisition.

If your goal is to build a list of a certain persona then you are going to need more than just an email address, but still keep it relevant. Focus on your goal and don’t distract from it. Each field you ask for runs the risk of making your visitors turn around and give up. Question if each field is really necessary and remove as many fields as possible.

Contact Form

Implement any one of these tips and you’ll see a difference, imagine the impact if you combined all of the tips together (or a good chunk at least!)

Other tips include:

  • Add trust badges to your site
  • Be different instead of the same as everyone else
  • Try being consistent instead of irregular
  • Show the benefits instead of the features
  • Bigger is better