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Google no longer uses AMP as a ranking factor. Here's what that means for you.

You might have recently heard us mention the importance of Google Core Web Vitals. It's all about ensuring your website visitors always receive the smooth experience they expect when visiting a web page.

Google considered AMP a key factor for ranking in the past, but not any more. Here's a video from Anthony to explain it in more detail. 


You might be wondering how that impacts your website.


If you have AMP turned on:

You can turn them off and redirect them through a canonical tag to the original page.


If you don't have them turned on:

Then quite simply, there's nothing to do. 

However, you then need to make sure that your pages are performing well against the core web vitals. This is really important to not only the success of your website but also the experience your customers have on the site.

If you want to make sure your website is in tip-top shape, head over to our Trending Upwards podcast for all the latest SEO tips and tricks.