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How a Chatbot from HubSpot will help you build meaningful relationships

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Chatbots are the future of customer engagement. Consumers are smarter, less reliant on sales staff and are on the lookout for the easiest way to communicate with a brand. It’s expected that by the end of 2020, over 80% of businesses will utilise some sort of chatbot automation in their process.


So, you could say, that chatbots aren’t the ‘future’, they’re the here and now.

Intro to chatbots, chat flows and HubSpot’s Conversational tool

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HubSpot’s Conversations tool is a universal inbox built for all messaging channels and teams. Combining live chats, integrated CRMs and chatbots to communicate with prospects seamlessly

Although it might seem overwhelming, it shouldn’t deter you from getting started. It’s simple to get involved. Plus, it’s free, user-friendly and built for every department - whether that’s sales, marketing or customer service. 

Generates leads from messaging channels

A lead generation bot from HubSpot can be the ultimate tool in your marketing efforts. Whether it's Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, or Viber, a HubSpot bot can integrate with these apps.

This means engagement with potential leads happens regardless if you’re in the office or not. The tool identifies, converses and guides leads through actions further down the funnel.

A HubSpot chatbot can look at a website visitor’s contact record from an integrated CRM and then serve up a contextual web page that’s tailored to their stage in the buyer's journey, or maybe products they’ve previously bought. 

A ‘HubBot’ delivers a personalised experience and visitors get what they need faster, shortening the sales cycle.

Creates a more efficient customer experience

digital 22 chatbot Your customer service team probably answer the same questions every day, repeating content that is likely to be very accessible on your website. However, customers today don’t want to spend time searching for a simple answer anymore.

A chatbot offers a prompt response and as the majority are command-based, they can even become a user-friendly version of your FAQs page. Providing instant responses gives the customer the answers they require. 

Instead of having to ensure somebody is available on the live chat 24/7, bots are operational all day, every day. A HubSpot chatbot can also book meetings for your sales team, link to supporting articles and is integrated with a ticketing system

It’s a guaranteed way of ensuring customer needs are met, no matter what time it is, meaning you can dedicate more time to other parts of the business.

Understand your customers better

Chatbots from HubSpot can anticipate the next step of the conversation, using quick replies to drive a visitor forward. Customers’ responses are stored in HubSpot conversations, easily accessible by all departments so you can pop into the chat history at any point to read. 

This means you can streamline communication with prospects in the future by learning from what types of questions they are asking. 

This valuable insight can be used to better understand both them and their journey. Customer data is what will help you make better-informed decisions, whether that’s marketing strategies or nurturing leads. 

With AI making waves, they will soon be able to learn from each response and apply it to future conversations. With this rapidly growing piece of software, you’ll end up with an intelligent chatbot that knows exactly what your customers want.

Follow up flawlessly

Every interaction in HubSpot conversations gets automatically documented in your inbox. It also provides information regarding the contact’s timeline so your team has complete context and a clear view of every touchpoint. This means you and your team are able to easily pick up conversations from where they were left off and continue to build a meaningful relationship. 

Not only that, but a follow up can be simply automated with minimal input - giving you free time to focus on other key parts of your business. 

Whether you’re looking to reap the benefits of automation or simply improve your customer service, a chatbot from HubSpot can provide you with the tools to create better relationships with prospects.

Conversational marketing is more than just bringing in the leads - it’s about delighting the customer, anticipating their needs and growing a healthy customer base too. Chatbots can support that strategy and given that 90% of consumers prefer to communicate with businesses in this way, it’s clear marketers should be utilising them more than ever before. 

Build meaningful relationships with our Conversational Marketing Playbook

Now you know how you can enhance your customer service by using chatbots, it’s the perfect time to bring your conversational marketing up to speed. 

For more information on bots, their benefits and how you can use them to enhance your customer engagement, download our free playbook now. The playbook is the only resource you’ll need to create a helpful and functioning chatbot for your business. Get your free copy of the guide now using the link below.