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How Often Should I Review My Website Design?

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It’s a common question we hear. How often should you review your website design? Many companies generally redesign their website every few years but you really should be reviewing your design a lot more often than that.

how often should i review my website design

How Web Design Used To Work

In the past, a business would hire an in-house designer or agency to design their website and then the overall design would not be touched again for about 2/3 years.

But times have changed. Google and other search engines frequently release updates which require website designs to be updated so they can continue performing smoothly.

For Example: One of the biggest changes that required designers to have an urgent review of their web designs was Google’s mobile friendly update. All websites had to be mobile responsive otherwise they would face a severe drop in organic search.

To keep websites running without any issues, it’s important that web designs are reviewed frequently.

So, How Often Should I Review My Website Design?

Ideally, you should be reviewing your website design on a regular basis. As the internet is continually changing and people prefer to shop and research online (before they make a purchase), your web design needs to be up-to-date. Any design issues (faulty images, load problems, bad navigation, etc) can deter potential customers. Just having a slow load speed can prompt people to try a different site instead.

More people are using the internet to shop and now that more companies are using the internet to host, grow and promote their business; competition is intense. If you have a lot of competition online, your web design has to be a high priority.

Why Traditional Web Design Is Out-Of-Date

The standard process for a website design usually looks something like this:

  • Plan the website design
  • The proposed plan is discussed and edits are made
  • Designers design the website
  • The website design is then checked, any problems or issues are highlighted for the designers to fix
  • Designers make necessary changes
  • The website design is approved and the new design is live

To be honest, this is an ideal process.

In most cases, there are many changes made before the website goes live. This can be because people have changed their mind about the original design proposal so the designers have to start again. Or problems can delay the new website from launching.

A website redesign is normally recommended to take about three months but delays can push back the launch date a further three months.

The traditional web design process is expensive, inflexible and time consuming. If you have your website design reviewed every couple of years, it can be an expensive bite out of your marketing budget. Every time you review, you will normally be looking at having a complete redesign and any delays before the launch will incur further costs.

You Should Be Reviewing Your Website Constantly

Being able to review your website design on a regular basis helps you avoid the costly problems involved when reviewing your design every few years.

By reviewing regularly, you will be continually improving your web design and identifying what works (and what doesn’t). These smaller improvements are more effective than having to do a widespread design update every couple of years.  

The Benefits of HubSpot Growth Driven Design

As a Platinum HubSpot Agency we offer plenty of HubSpot services to our clients. For our clients who use our HubSpot Growth Driven Design service, our designers continually update and improve their websites.

For new businesses, this service means your website is being continually improved as it grows. Rather than spending lots of time and your budget creating a large website (that will likely require later changes), our designers create specific pages, report how they perform and then optimise and improve. Every part of your marketing budget is going straight into creating a fully functional website.