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How to create stunning sales videos for success and ROI

2 mins read

First things first: Stunning sales videos don't need high-end productions.

This means no in-depth scripts and storyboards or painstaking editing in post-production.

In fact, producing sales videos for success and ROI doesn't even require a videographer. It's about getting in the right mindset in terms of what makes sales videos successful.

Over anything else, it's more important to send videos that are timely, relevant and genuine.

  • Timely: In that, they're arriving in the prospect's inbox just when they need some information or are ready to chat
  • Relevant: With content that's super helpful in their research process and buying decision — the more specific to their scenario, the more stunning your video will be
  • Genuine: And show your natural personality because this builds rapport and strengthens your relationship with additional 'face to face' interactions between calls and meetings

How to do this? Here are three steps that help:

1. Get a 'ready to record' set up in place

Why? So it's quick and easy to send videos to prospects.

You're going to send plenty of 1-1 videos into people's inboxes. Often, you'll record them and send them on the fly.

Make sure where you record is:

  • Well lit (with natural light or a good ring light)
  • Free from distractions (both audio and visual, for your benefit and the viewers)
  • With easy to use equipment (a good webcam and the same headset you use for calls, plus a recording software like Vidyard)

Estimated cost? As low as £0 extra spend or a maximum of ~£50 on the kit. For more info about the equipment we advise, check out our one-stop-shop video resource page.

2. Personalise videos to the recipient and time your videos tactically

Why personalise? When your head and shoulders are on the prospect's screen and talking to them directly, their subconscious memory can't help but file this interaction as actual face-to-face. They'll remember your message and you more fondly than your competitors.

And why time videos tactically? Well, for maximum impact, really.

video more positive than text

You can achieve this by:

  • Recording ad-hoc 1-1 videos for your prospect in response to questions or following up with information after a call or meeting
  • Pre-recording a bank of 1-many videos (e.g. a product explainer, demo, price guide walkthrough) to save you time and energy in the future
  • Putting the 1-many video as #2 on a playlist after a short (<15 second) personalised 1-1 video to your prospect

Doing this requires a paid Vidyard subscription, but it's worth the investment because of the time saved for your sales team and the impact it has on your prospects.

Want to calculate your Vidyard ROI? Use this:

3. Analyse performance and optimise accordingly

Why? Because data will show you what works — you can divert energy and resource into doing more of that.

By ensuring your videos have clear call-to-actions (CTAs) at the end of your videos, you'll make it simple for people to take the next step (such as downloading a resource, booking a call or signing their proposal).

Vidyard offers customisable CTAs and performance analytics. And, if you're tracking sales pipeline performance in a tool like HubSpot Sales, for example, you can analyse the effectiveness of your videos.

What you can typically expect to see from using sales videos effectively is:

  • 70% likelihood of increased performance compared to text-only email messaging*
  • Fewer touchpoints to book calls*
  • As much as 75% jump in response rates to video messages*

*Stats from Virtual Selling Report

We've seen firsthand how it can shorten sales cycles. Helping you close faster and close won more often.

Ready to start using sales videos? Want some templates to work from?

Then try out these template video scripts and emails to get you started. Take a look at them and adapt the framework to suit your own scenario. Get access today using the button below.