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How To Improve Your Inbound Marketing With Gmail Display Ads

As part of a series of blog posts related to our latest free download, here is how to improve your inbound marketing by using Gmail Display Ads.

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What Is It & Why Is It Classed As Underused?

Gmail display ads are paid ad placings in non-commercial Gmail users' inboxes.

What we mean by using Gmail ads to get ahead of the competition is narrowing your contact lists when placing your ads, as finely as possible. This helps in getting more from your inbound marketing.

It's an underused technique because it ignores all other email providers, but this is nowhere near as competitive as standard display or search advertising through Google. There is also the added benefit of being able to really fine tune your marketing lists thanks to Google's enormous user knowledge.


Gmail ads on mobile

Gmail ads on mobile.


What Are The Benefits?

You can have your ads seen by highly-focussed and well chosen potential customers. For example, by choosing to show your ad to people who subscribe to yours and your competitor's newsletters - unless they have recently received an email with a "Order Confirmation" within it.

Due to the lower amount of competition in this field of display advertising, we have achieved cost per clicks for our clients as low as £0.18.

Finally, part of Gmail's ad policy selling point to users is that their advertising is well curated, free of spam and unintrusive. From the inbound marketer's point of view, this means your ads have to be highly targeted, relevant and beneficial to the recipient.

This means leads that come from your ads should be more highly qualified and more likely to convert.


Who Should Use It And Who Shouldn't?

In theory, all marketers can use this technique as the benefits apply to all industries. The only two times it isn't a viable option is for B2B businesses (as Gmail doesn't show ads in paid account inboxes) and as part of campaign's which have maximium outreach and awareness as a goal.


Will This Remain Underused?

We certainly think so. Due to the small volume of potential clicks by focussing exclusively on Gmail - and the fact you are narrowing this even further - we can't see the majority of marketers having the freedom to employ this technique.


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