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How To Target Google Micro Moments To Boost Inbound Marketing

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If you want to boost your inbound marketing results, you wouldn't be alone in thinking that targeting fast paced buyer journeys isn't applicable. But learning how to target Google Micro Moments is a key opportunity.

Woman searching on mobile during a micro moment

What Are Google Micro Moments?

This is Google's term for accelerated buyer's journeys which searchers go through when they search for something (typically on mobile) as an immediate response to something in the physical world.

For example, finding out that their intended palce to eat has over an hour long wait for a table could promtpt plenty of people to search for an alternative place to dine. The restaurant which is best placed to satisfy that query is going to attract these hungry searchers who are eager to satisfy themselves.

These "I want to know" and "Where can I do" searches are loaded with intent and fuelled by urgency.

Micro moments venn diagram

How Do Google Micro Moments Benefit Marketers And Businesses?

Currently, consumer mobile usage outpaces mobile advertising spend by 3-times-to-1. As micro moments take place on mobile, typically, there is a huge chance to jump ahead of your competitors.

Searchers who go through a mico moment will react to what is in front of them on the SERP. The best option presented will get their attention. The better this option is, the further they will finish on their accelerated buyer's journey.

It isn't just a potential avenue for restaurants to explore. Physical retail stores and geo-dependant businesses can all target local searches.

Ecommerce stores can also shape their SEO and PPC strategy to be well placed to reactive searchers who have experienced a micro moment in "real life".

These searchers are primed to engage and often convert there and then.

Everybody can target these micro moments - even those which have a long-term decision process could use the technique to boost their contact database. The regular inbound marketing techniques can then be employed to nurture the lead into a conversion.

How To Target Google Micro Moments

You will need to ensure your pages are primed to respond to the following types of searches and present your product as the most suitable resolution to that query. Could X be your product or a valid alternative which the searcher may now consider when they search:

  • Is X worth it?
  • Show me how to do X?
  • How to solve X
  • How to deal with X
  • Net steps in X
  • Making a change to X
  • Ideas for X
  • Book a X
  • X open near me
  • Where to X near me

The trend of search queries is interesting because people are currently favouring immediacy and ease over brand loyalty.

This further expands the opportunity for all businesses to displace the restaurant/hotel/clothing manufacturer/dog food supplier/whatever which the searcher normally uses. Even when they are in somebody elses physical retail space, there is time to offer a better service, product or price.

micro moments search in store data infographic

 *Consumers in the Micro Moment, Wave 3, Google/Ipsos, U.S. August 2015


Also, look how generic and primed with urgency these weekend "near me" search queries are:

Weekend Google near me searches

Image from Google

Although the odd search is brand related, most are generic. People favour convenience and speed, especially when searching on mobile.

Also, although these searches are largely about things you'd expect - gyms, breakfast, food - Google reports that "near me" searches are becoming increasingly popular within queries for the likes of plumbers, job vancancies, and other large scale purchases.

Understanding consumer's context and their intent when searching is vital to making this technique a success. Those who do this will seamlessly advance their buyer's journey and build brand preference along the way.

Targeting micro moments is destined to become a mainstream technique, so it is best to begin getting your business in prime position now.

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