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How is AI disturbing Google search results and what can you do about it

I sat down with Hannah Wilson one of our SEO Specialists at Avidly to discuss what the new AI overviews in Google's search results mean for websites, and what you can do to ensure minimal impact on your site. Thanks for joining me Hannah.

How is AI disturbing Google search results



Not got time to watch the video? Read Hannah's overview on Google's AI Overviews here:

We know that AI has already changed the SEO landscape and will continue to do so.

While it's easy to say, let's pack in the SEO strategy, optimise a few meta titles and then AI will do the rest, that's not a good idea in practice. And I promise, that's not me just trying to save my job!

It's true that more changes, such as the newly retitled 'AI Overviews' released by Google, will instinctively reduce organic traffic as users get answers to their questions on the SERP rather than having to click through to a website.

However, this does not necessarily mean that no one should ever write a blog again. Google still uses keywords and, most of all, they aim to provide users with helpful, informative content - where else are you going to find this other than in a blog or pillar page?

Interestingly, Google CEO Sundar Pichai actually said that this new AI feature has increased search usage.

None of this is to say that you have nothing to worry about and should continue with the SEO strategy you have.

AI Overviews will have a huge impact on SEO - organic traffic to websites is almost guaranteed to decrease and it's likely that, from a PPC perspective, ads will become more expensive.

The foundations of SEO don't change. If you're writing content for the user, making sure your website is technically sound then you're in a good place. 

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