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The impact of video in sales emails

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Dead are the days of dingy and depressing emails, sporting only reams of text, colourful banners and not much more. Now, embedding short-and-sweet personalised videos into your emails to accompany your concise copy is the path to making your sales emails pack a punch.

There’s no doubt video is the emerging way-forward in driving sales. 90% of customers say video helps them make a buying decision and around 50% of internet users search for videos related to a product/service before even visiting a store. But what's the true impact of adding videos in sales emails?

Making video work for sales

Using videos to increase your sales is nothing new, but not everyone is utilising the method. There are plenty of ways to use video this way - we’ve even covered four of the main ways in detail here for your perusing pleasure.

In essence, videos can help create the 1-1 connection between your company and prospective customers, especially when meeting up in person to talk shop is a no-go for most. 

By injecting plenty of genuine personality, approachability and real value into your videos, you’ll help your audience see why they should bring their business to you. 

We know first hand the kind of results embracing video can have. By using video, we’ve seen:  

  • 63% increase in form submissions 
  • Website traffic has doubled
  • 10% increase in price guide downloads
  • Shorter sales cycles 
  • Faster hiring of new talent 
  • Meeting agendas have been cut in half

So, video helps form connections with customers. But how do you get your video in front of the right people to make the valuable connections you want? Email. 

On average, people battle through 121 business emails a day. Your window to grab their attention is only a matter of seconds. Video snatches the recipient’s attention quickly as they shift through what must feel like an endless conveyor belt of emails filled with endless text.

At this point, you’ve beaten the inbox, got their attention and made a connection. Now all you have to do is be memorable enough for the viewer to retain your message and provide enough value to click through to your website. With video, you can achieve this relatively easily.

The best bit? Creating videos to use in your sales emails means you’re always building a library of videos you can reuse over and over without any extra effort. Got a new prospect you need to reach out? Use a pre-recorded video from your library based on previous videos you've sent.

Learn about your audience 

Through using a video management platform, you can gain important insights into your audience. With platforms like Vidyard, you can see analytics, such as who's watching your videos, which videos perform the best, the watch and drop-off times and how many viewers are progressing through your ‘engagement funnel’. 

From this data, you can determine what content your audience likes best, which viewers are the most promising to pursue as leads and who in your team is creating and distributing the most effective content. 

With one million minutes worth of video passing through the internet every minute, how will you make yours stand out? The insights gained from video analytics are a precious commodity. They're the best way to learn from and cater directly to what your audience wants to see.

Effective sales emails with video

If a prospective customer is a part of your sales mailing list, it’s more than likely they were interested in what you had to offer at some stage but has since become a cold lead. Or, they’re a previous customer who needs a helpful nudge to return.  

Standing out among the 121 other companies vying for attention in your target’s inbox isn’t just about adding a video to your email. You need to make sure the videos are short and packed with all of the aforementioned good stuff. 

Video is definitely the way forward, but it isn't an overnight miracle cure to all of your sales and marketing woes. Although, the odds will be in your favour as you have a better chance of standing out in an inbox and can build faster connections with your prospects.

Along with your videos, make sure to add some copy too - even if it;s just to encourage the reader to hit play or provide some extra value.

Find the right balance between enough text to include around your email so your audience gets maximum value and generate intrigue with minimal effort needed on their part. 

If you’re struggling to find this balance then don’t worry. There are plenty of resources out there to help you leverage video in sales emails, including our own vast library of downloads, scripts, eBooks and training.

Your tools for video-first success

Taking on the newest sales tactic and reaching your goals isn’t always as easy as reading a few blogs on the topic. That’s why our vast library of resources has free video and email sales scripts you can download to help you make the most of your updated video-first approach to sales emails. 

To get stuck into them right away, get access using the button below.