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Inbound After Hours: Highlights from INBOUND 19 in Boston

Facebook visibility, storytelling power, HubSpot analytics and the Five Cs Model. Our team of eight intrepid inbound adventurers have returned from the INBOUND 19 event in Boston full to the brim with new knowledge on all these things and more.

You might ask, “Why do you travel all the way to Boston just to attend a conference?”. Well, INBOUND isn’t any old conference. It’s the most up-to-date mixture of all things inbound marketing and by attending, the team here at Digital 22 can remain at the forefront of the industry and help create successful marketing campaigns.

In this episode of the Inbound After Hours podcast, Rikki, Mark, Andrew, Caroline, Samantha, Mayzin, Amy and Tom sit down to go over everything they learnt at this stellar event, all while getting over their respective jetlag. With a mix of INBOUND veterans and first-timers, you can listen to first impressions and new ideas that came from INBOUND 19.

Rikki talks about how Facebook page visibility is dwindling and how Facebook groups are where you want to invest your resources.

Mayzin discusses how changes to the flywheel are coming. The Flywheel is no longer ‘linear,’ but can now be seen as how a child plays in a playground - going from seesaw to swings to slides in random order. The group discover how this has to be reflected in the content and how referral links should refer to stages in the buyer’s journey.

Tom recounts how he learnt about using HubSpot’s analytics service for each stage of the flywheel, applying it to attract, engage and delight. The group also goes into unleashing the power of storytelling and how to apply the Five Cs Model when treating your marketing campaign as a ‘product.’ 

You'll hear about their favourite moments, airport mishaps and how much they miss the food. You can find the full transcript of this episode below. 

To learn more about the key ideas the guys came away from INBOUND 19 with, you can check out our blog on 34 key things we learnt at INBOUND 19, where we interview our international inbound marketers in-depth. 

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