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Inbound marketing and social media: match made in heaven

When learning about inbound marketing, you might be thinking: “so where does social media fit into all this?” You have finally started to get followers, develop some engagement and getting your name known in the right channels. When turning to inbound marketing it is time to leverage this reach to get your content seen and read. 

Where are your people?

You want to reach the right audience with your message. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you should always use social media to distribute your content. Here you directly reach people working in the industries, job roles and companies you want to get in touch with.

Where do people invariably spend most of their online time? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

These are perfect channels to reach potential customers with your helpful content. Sharing and promoting the blog posts and landing pages with the right target audience can make social media one of your most important lead channels, particularly in the early days of your inbound marketing strategy.

As time goes, organic traffic will grow, but until then, you need to put your content in front of people. 


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What channels should you be in?

As you get to know your personas, you can quickly identify which channels work for you. Some personas will spend their time on Facebook, others on LinkedIn. Maybe top of the funnel works better on Facebook, while LinkedIn is more effective as you move down the funnel.

Some topics might get more attention in certain channels, while others grab people on Instagram. Or maybe the leads from one channel convert leads to customers better.

Use your personas to develop audiences when sponsoring your posts. A little can go a long way here. As you learn more about who interacts with your posts you can also fine-tune your personas further.

The most popular posts will also give you ideas for what you can write about next. Are you asking questions in your posts? Note what answers come in and develop new content ideas based on this.

Social media and inbound marketing is truly a match made in heaven. 


Download guide to inbound marketing & sales