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[Infographic]: The CEO’s 5 minute guide to inbound marketing

A marketing and sales strategy that gives higher ROI,  a lower customer acquisition cost (CAC) and a higher customer lifetime value? Yes, it does in fact exist. This is inbound marketing – briefly explained.

In The State of Inbound report 2017, which includes over 6,000 respondents from North-America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand and Africa, 46 % of the respondents said that inbound marketing gives them higher ROI. But what is inbound marketing and sales?

Let’s cut right to the core: Inbound marketing and sales is a type of digital marketing that increases ROI through placing marketing and sales activities into a system. How?


The CEO's guide (1)2-3

[TEST]: How well does inbound marketing fit your company?


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Inbound marketing and sales focuses on these three main things: 

1) Creating targeted content to attract more qualified leads

2) Lead nurturing to increase lead to customer conversion rate and lower CAC

3) Customer experience to increase the customer lifetime value.


But what is the very foundation of the inbound methodology?

Inbound marketing is a type of digital marketing that attracts visitors to your website through blogging, search engine optimisation and social media.

Then, inbound marketing converts visitors to leads using forms where visitors can download guides, ebooks and such, and through lead nurturing you can nurture these leads by offering relevant information through marketing automation (automatic emails).

When a lead is warm enough, it is sent over to sales. Based on the content the lead has downloaded, the information they have typed into the form and the pages they have visited on the website, sales get a better understanding of what challenges the lead are facing and how the salesperson is best able to help.

And it doesn’t stop here: After a lead has become a customer, inbound marketing will make sure to keep on adding value and engage customers so that they become more satisfied and a loyal ambassador for your company.


[TEST]: How well does inbound marketing fit your company?