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How to 'Marie Kondo' your business - Ingunn Bjøru Speaker Interview LOVE INBOUND 2023

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You know when you meet people your own age and they've achieved so much you're like, "Wow. You've done all that?!" That's what it's been like working with Ingunn and getting to know her story as part of preparing a couple of events she's appearing at on behalf of Avidly.

One of those is LOVE INBOUND 2023, the free annual event at Holmes Mill in Lancashire that we host. This year, the theme is empowering people in you business.

And people are very keen to hear Ingunn's talk; How to 'Marie Kondo' your business.

Of all the talks, this one has gotten consistent mentions and shoutouts from people when signing up.

Naturally, I got on a Google Meet and caught up with Avidly HubSpot Solutions' COO to find out a bit more about why the topic of business organisation and smooth day-to-day operations is so important to her.

Check it all out and if you like what you hear (which you will), why not see her in person at LOVE INBOUND 2023...



A chat with Ingunn Bjøru on how to 'Marie Kondo' your business [video]


A Q&A with Ingunn Bjøru about her LOVE INBOUND 2023 appearance

Avidly: Can you provide a brief overview of your background and expertise in your field?

Ingunn: I've worked for nearly a decade in operational roles and I'm the current COO of Avidly. I've got hands-on experience with organising, structuring and implementing operational smoothness.

I previously built an agency as CEO and have worked running a company across seven countries.

What inspired you to choose your specific topic for LOVE INBOUND 2023? Why this topic? Why is it important to you?

Smooth operations and keeping the backroom tidy is essential for the creativity and problem-solving in the rest of the business to function properly. It is however, often seen as a luxury to prioritise, or as a snoozefest to get clear processes and frameworks in place. I want to show that with simple steps you can focus on what you find more interesting in the business, if it is not operations 😅

Without giving too much away, what's a key insight or takeaway attendees can expect from your talk?

Running a business should be about just that: running the business. Far too much time is spent looking for documents, templates, presentations, frameworks etc. 

Learn practical tips on how to apply Marie Kondo's organising tips to your business, freeing up time to focus on what matters. Using automation, digital tools and structure to build operations that spark joy!

How do you believe your topic aligns with the overall theme of empowering people in business?

It will make smooth operations something that is more easily achievable, allow for focus on the profit, creativity and customer-focus of any business

Could you share a memorable success story or experience related to your talk topic?

Even Marie Kondo gave up on having an organised home after having children... And I know what she means! There are simply bigger priorities.

But when it comes to work, having the right organisational foundations in place not only helps you grow faster but can literally save your business when something disastrous happens.

What do you hope attendees will gain from your session and how can they apply the learnings in their own businesses?

The focus will be on real actionable tips that they can apply immediately. Whether it's in ways of thinking or tools. 

Are there any specific challenges or pain points in your field that you aim to address during your talk?

How to engage the organisation in the work that goes into structure, framework and processes.

What are you most looking forward to at LOVE INBOUND 2023, besides your own presentation?

It's my first LOVE INBOUND so I'm ecstatic to be attending! Meeting everyone and learning alongside our customers and network is a great opportunity. But I will say that I am particularly excited for our own Nana Kwapong's session as I know she is a brilliant speaker.

In your opinion, why do events like LOVE INBOUND provide valuable learning and networking opportunities for professionals?

Prioritising the time to learn and network can be difficult when things are going well and you are busy. But that is when you need to build the tools to have on hand when you meet challenges. Combining face-to-face networking and quality sessions in the way LOVE INBOUND does is the best way to brush up on the best strategies. 

Finally, what message or piece of advice would you like to share with potential attendees to encourage them to sign up for LOVE INBOUND 2023?

Why would you miss out??

So, why not come and join us?

Why not find out more about LOVE INBOUND 2023 and sign-up for free over on this page: