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Introducing Digital 22's branding evolution

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If you know Digital 22, you know we aren’t afraid of change. In fact, more often than not, we lean into it. It’s exciting, it challenges us and enables us to grow. So, you might have noticed we have a brand new, fancy look!


Why have we done this?

It all started with a new web design project and our website is our shop front. From prospects, current clients and possible new recruits, it’s the first place they land. They do say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. We want to make sure we make an impression at every stage and that anyone who visits our website has the best experience.

We recognised our clients, prospects and candidates have adapted and developed over the last 12 months and beyond. We’ve also been working really hard to develop our services to match what our clients need and what they’re looking for from us. This includes website design and development, so it’s only right that we look the part.

Once we started the web design project, we were excited by the possibilities. So, of course, we went all in.

And with that, we have three core pillars in mind.

Maturing the visual brand

We aren’t the same Digital 22 we were then and we want our website and brand to reflect that. For us, making sure our brand reflects who we are is key to our success.

For Digital 22, it started seven years ago. This is long before the day we had a fully-fledged design team (or anyone else for that matter). So, I took to Adobe Photoshop with my subpar design skills to create the Digital 22 logo our team, clients, candidates and prospects know today.

It did the job perfectly for those seven years. It helped us become recognisable - it’s on our website, social channels, internal documents - everywhere. But obviously, all good things come to an end or evolve. 

This evolution keeps the Digital 22 brand recognisable. It matures us and it brings us to date and become more current. Take a look at our previous brandings and then some of our newest assets below to get a better feel of just how impactful this evolution is.

Out with the old

old digital 22 website branding

And in with the new

digital 22 brand new website concept assets

2020 digital 22 website branding

I told you we don’t shy away from change. We wanted our new look and feel to weave into everything we touch, from our website, social media channels and emails, right the way through to internal documents. It’s a full overhaul. A new logo, primary font, colour pallet and the message - we’ve refreshed everything.

Clarity of purpose

The second pillar of our brand evolution is making our purpose much clearer. Like everything in business, a lot of things evolve and so our core purpose is no different. It might be a subtle change, but it has a huge impact.

Grow, Learn and Enjoy. Together.

We believe in any relationship, both parties should Grow, Learn and Enjoy so all of our services are designed for both sides to Grow and Learn off each other. This applies everywhere throughout the business.

Achieving consistency in tone

We want Digital 22 to come through in our writing style and every bit of content we produce, consistently. That’s why we’ve ripped up the rule book and redefined our tone to deliver content that’s good to read, enjoyable, helpful and impactful. 

Although it’s usually difficult to combine all of these aspects, I’m confident we’ve nailed it with this brand evolution. It matches where we are now and where we’re heading as a business. It allows us to showcase both the Digital 22 and individual personalities. It means we can speak from one human to another.

This isn’t the first time Digital 22 as a brand has evolved and it won’t be the last. Hundreds of hours have gone into this mammoth project from coding, designing hundreds of documents and guides, rendering hundreds of videos and everything in between.

digital 22 video library new branding

digital 22 video library new branding

digital 22 video library new branding

Now, it just feels right.

Check out our branding and get in touch

Go ahead and browse through our brand new website and let me know your thoughts about Digital 22’s latest brand evolution. While you're browsing, if you spot a service you like or something you want to discuss in more depth, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Whether you want to start your own rebranding journey or explore some marketing and HubSpot options, click the button below to get in touch.