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LOVE INBOUND 2020: Luke Summerfield - Building a peak performing website.

Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is a methodology we’re pioneering here at Digital 22. Even though we’ve been trained by Luke Summerfield himself, it was pretty cool to hear him talk about it at our LOVE INBOUND event.

With his progressive approach to website building and infectious passion for a customer-focused design, you can’t help but want to reevaluate your own website strategy.

“While all marketers agree that the website is critical to business growth, 42% of marketers make impactful improvements to their website only once or less each year. Think about that for a second.”

Throwing it back to when CD-ROMs were a thing, Luke shared that these companies would only update them every two years. Just like CD-ROMs, the traditional way of building a website is outdated. Your website is too important to optimise every couple of years. 

Often over-budget or late, Luke hones in on a more agile approach to websites. Launchpads, continuous improvements and wishlists make it far easier for you to get up and running - plus, you won’t ever have an obsolete website. 

Here are some key takeaways from Luke’s talk.

  • Agencies reported seeing 16.9% more leads and 11.2% more revenue six months after launch when clients use Growth-Driven Design.
  • Ignore the shifting web design world and you’ll surely end up with the same fate as those in the CD-ROM era. 
  • To transition into the new reality of building a peak performing website that drives business growth, you need to reject traditional culture and embrace the modern culture. 

If you’re interested in becoming GDD savvy, you can take the (free) GDD Certification here. After watching Luke’s talk and feeling inspired by the wonders of GDD, why not listen to what our other industry-leading speakers have to say?

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