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Multiple sectors & a complex product: Inbound marketing case study

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A complex, niche product that needs to reach three very different sectors requires careful strategic planning and varied content output. Here's how we did it with WiFi SPARK.

Have you ever wondered where the branded WiFi comes from when you're at a conference venue or shopping centre? Or how the train you're on has its own internet connection?

The joys of working at an inbound agency is you have a lot of ah-ha moments where you realise, yes, of course, there's a whole service and industry making that happen.

WiFi SPARK give healthcare, retail, transport and event companies the ability to offer users a free, accessible and reliable WiFi solution using their own branding. They get to put their stamp on it and also keep all the insights for themselves and their customers, instead of giving them to big-name WiFi providers.

It's not all about harvesting contact details to market to visitors. Those employing the WiFi solution can access analytics like high traffic areas, footfall, dwell times and user demographics. This allows for a better understanding of shoppers, attendees, commuters and patients - helping to shape future business decisions and improvements

The challenge was showing how a complex product helps in very different sectors.

But this WiFi solution has very different benefits and considerations for the different key sectors we need to target. For example, the idea of user behaviour letting you find hidden commercial opportunities is irrelevant to a healthcare professional looking to improve their patient's experience and wellbeing.

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WiFi SPARK's Marketing Manager, Claire Bradley, also noted that: "The WiFi we sell can be a little bit technical." So, there's also that to consider when producing inbound marketing campaign plans and content.

The solution positioned the client as a thought-leader in each respective sector.

What helped was was the fact Claire and Becky (the WiFi SPARK marketing team of two), were already underway employing other marketing tactics. They do PR, regularly speak at and attend events along with other forms of traditional marketing.

Also, we weren't just doing inbound marketing. We were lucky enough to also revamp their website using the Growth-Driven Design (GDD) methodology. This meant we could tie all the strategy together and avoid sending out confusing messages.

We did this by:

  • Performing several customer and persona interviews, taking existing strategic knowledge and building on it for inbound and GDD purposes.

  • We built a combined inbound and GDD strategy with this in mind, taking WiFi SPARK's website sector listing down from 12 (twelve!) to three core sectors, which were more top-level.

  • By trying to be everything to everyone, they weren't making meaningful connections with anyone.

  • Claire and the WiFi SPARK team were regularly producing PDF case studies, so that took care of the bottom of the funnel and meant we could spend our time turning these into lead qualifying tools.

  • For earlier buyer's journey stage content, we dedicated a campaign to each sector and created content to answer the most pressing issues and challenges relevant to WiFi SPARK's solution

To further position WiFi SPARK as the thought-leader in each sector, it meant producing lots of well-researched content.

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"We were so excited about getting so much content," said Claire, "But the sheer volume took us aback." Initially, Claire's bosses wanted to sign off all content due to the complexities involved. But they lasted "about a week" and we found a smoother way of working so content could go live.

  • Due to the complexities involved, our content team spent time being trained by and interviewing WiFi SPARK's experts in the field.

  • As users could bracket themselves as being in one of the top-level sectors, their content experience was a lot simpler.

  • We created award-winning animated videos to showcase such an abstract product.

In our two years of doing inbound together, we've produced 50 blogs and nine downloads for healthcare, 39 blogs and two guides for retail and 22 blogs and two guides for the transport sectors.

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The results drive conversations.

Unlike other inbound clients, this isn't a high traffic, high numbers game - until you reach the bottom line - because there are only so many fish out there to catch in these sectors.

The key is reaching the right people within the various sectors. What's great to see is the most popular blog posts are spread across the various sectors: transport, retail and healthcare.

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The campaigns have brought in meaningful numbers and they continue to grow further. Inbound content has brought in:

  • 22,270 viewers.

  • 2,253 land page submissions.

  • 1,144 new contacts.

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HubSpot data has been paired with the existing marketing work done offline. It means we know more than ever about our visitors so we can:

  • Segment the offline and inbound lead-gen databases to create unique lists.

  • Create content based email marketing programmes for each sector.

  • Truly establish WiFi SPARK as the thought leader in the persona's mind.

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The impact has spread around the whole business and beyond.

"We always know we're doing something right when we see sales teams using our content," Rikki told Claire on stage at LOVE INBOUND 2020 - and she agrees.

She told us how a crowning moment for her was attending a training event and the speaker used a content piece we produced for WiFi SPARK as a best practice example.

To sum up the brilliant relationship we have from working together, Claire got word straight back to us in the Digital 22 office. What's amazing is our team was buzzing, but Claire was even more so.

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But the videos, downloads and blog content we produce are used by product and marketing at events as part of WiFi SPARK's email signatures and by the sales teams during their conversations.

Claire describes the relationship as: "We're not just a team of two [at WiFi SPARK], we've got an army of experts at Digital 22 on our team."

We've done plenty of work with the guys at WiFi SPARK, from animated videos to a GDD website. Check out our services and take a look at our prices...