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PAID MEDIA PODCAST — How to get the most out of your PPC budget

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Want to know the dos and don’ts of managing PPC budgets? Our PPC wizards, Chris and Christian (confusing, we know), are here to tell you in the latest episode of the Paid Media Podcast.

This time, the guys are discussing one of the most important things in PPC — budgets.

Managing and getting the most out of your budgets can feel tough, particularly if they’re at the smaller end of the scale. 💸 To help you get your money’s worth, Chris and Christian will give you insider tips on what to do and what not to do. To get a quick run down, keep reading or hit the play button below to watch along.



What not to do

1. Don't skimp on the research

We can't stress this enough — you NEED to do your research. You can’t just go on a whim and pluck keywords out of thin air. You’ll set yourself up for failure. 🔍


2. Don't go automated at the beginning

If you have a smaller budget, you’ll need to be smart with it. Start manual bidding before you go automated. Get some data in the account, figure out your baseline CPA and then you can get more adventurous from there. 


3. Don't drop the ball

It might sound simple, but you need to be really on it in the first few weeks to protect and maximise your budgets. Reassess and readjust to refine your results to ones more likely to convert leads.


4. Don't spread yourself too thin

Keep things simple! Try starting with one bigger campaign with most of the budget allocated, then use the learnings from that campaign to advise your smaller campaigns.


5. Don't begin with broad keywords or forget your negatives 

Okay, this is two in one, but they go hand in hand. Don't begin with broad keywords if you have a limited budget. It won’t do you any favours. 

Which leads us to negatives. Don’t forget to do your negatives! Stay on top of them, stay consistent and reap the rewards.


6. Don't end your tests too early

Just because a test isn’t showing signs that it's going to convert straight away, you still need to give it time for the test to work. Yes, it might be more expensive in the short term, but it’ll be worth it in the long run.

To make sure you don't miss out on their insights, listen on the go on Spotify using the player below.


What to do

1. Set clear goals

If you go into your PPC campaigns without any goals, you’ll lose money — fast. To quote Chris, ‘If you don’t have a goal, you’re aimless’. And he’s right. 🏅


2. Know where you stand

Knowing how you compare to your competitors is essential if you want to achieve those goals. Assess the SERP, know your competitors and get a lay of the land.


3. Start local

With a small budget, compete in your local area. By being effective locally, you'll actually supplement your budget longer term.


4. Keep it simple

Often with a smaller budget, simple is best. Constantly evaluate your efforts, identify what is and isn’t working, refine what you’re doing to meet your goals and spend your money wisely.


Want all the details?

We don’t want to give it all away, so if you want all the insider info, tune in to the Paid Media Podcast playlist to keep updated on everything there is to know! Or, if you want to check out all of our other video content, ranging from vlogs and How to HubSpot tutorials to a range of other podcasts and more, check out our Video Hub today. 🙌