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6 sales tips to help you close more deals

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Any good salesperson knows that there is always room for improvement. It does not have to be huge, course-changing things – even small tips and tricks can make a difference. Therefore, we give you six sales tips that can help you sell even more.Spoiler Alert: None of these tips are about selling your soul to the devil.

A lot of the work is already done if you just focus a little more on the human relationship between you and the person you want to sell to. Read our tips, absorb it, use it. This way, your every day at work can become a little easier – and a bit more pleasant.

The sales tips that help you sell more

1) Take note of words and adjectives the prospect uses – and use the same words 


Humans use different words and phrases to explain the same thing. An example may be that someone uses the word "amazing", some say "super", while others again settle for a "nice" – although they all agree on how well  something is done.

The best salespeople identify the words and adjectives that the person they speak with uses frequently, and start to use the same words. This way, the seller creates a subconscious connection with the prospect.


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2) Present only solutions that are relevant to the prospect, even if it means you have to exclude something from your presentation

There is a saying: "Kill your darlings". Whether you have a new, fancy product or solution in your portfolio, or simply a slide in the presentation that you are extremely pleased with, remove it if it is not of relevance to the prospect.

Yes, it might be painful but it has to be done.

Presenting solutions that are not relevant to the lead will only take the attention away from what should get all the focus. Moreover, the longer your presentation lasts, the less impact it has.

3) The most important thing is not to focus on what your product or solution is, but what it does – how it can add value to your prospect’s business 


To sell more, keep in mind that the process is about how you can help the prospect. What does she need? What frustrates her? What challenges does she have? What goals? And how can your product or solution be of help?

Inbound sales is about listening to the prospect. When you do, you do not have to work hard to sell – it will happen automatically when you focus on helping.

4) Flattery works. Give the prospect a compliment for a recent business achievement or perhaps personal success

It's hard not to like people who give compliments. Therefore, flattery is a smart way to get the prospect to lower her shoulders and enjoy the meeting. Don’t overdo it, though.

Being over enthusiastic does not necessarily look good. The compliments should be real.

Research also shows that it's harder to say no when you smile, so smile as much as you can  – you have nothing to lose.

5) Never stop acquiring knowledge 

Be sure to always have updated information about the product or solution you are selling. Modern customers sit on more information than ever, so if you do not make sure to have updated information, you may risk trying to sell to someone who knows more about what you offer than what you do.

You should also read the news that is related to the industry your business is in. Additionally, it may be useful to organise role-playing games with the sales team, where you practice sales talks and learn from each other.

6) Send a follow-up mail as soon as you have ended the phone call with a prospect

This may sound familiar: You go to the store after being asked to buy chicken, cheese and toothpaste, write it down in your head and come home with chicken, caviar and hand soap.

Bottom line: You can not always trust your memory. Therefore, write and send an email once you've put down the phone. That way, you and the prospect both have a much better chance of remembering what you agreed upon and what the next step will be, ensuring that the sales conversation doesn’t fade out into nothing. 


Download for free: Guide to inbound sales