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Struggling with your SEO strategy? Not sure how to combat client requests? Feel like hitting Google with a dropkick when there's an unexpected algorithm update? I feel you. We managed to get Danielle and Tiff from our SEO team to sit down and discuss how they overcome these challenges in their inaugural Trending Upwards podcast.

Yes, SEO can be pretty frustrating at times but it's also massively rewarding when you see the results based on all of your hard work. More often that not, people tend to overlook to 'unsexy' areas which is where they might fail.

Fancy finding out more? Hit the play button below to hear how Danielle and Tiff go about strategising and getting the results they need.

How to plan an SEO strategy for new (or existing) clients each quarter

For a new client, Tiff and Danielle admit the starting point is the technical side of the website. Think along the lines of the health score to ensure it's in the best position and finding any quick wins for outreach.

If it's an existing one, the team reflects on previous strategies and analyses the takeaways and have ongoing conversations about them. These include:

  • Questioning how they did in terms of the goals in the last quarter so they can avoid mistakes
  • Finding out what worked well and what didn't. If something didn't work well, they'll drill down and find out the why behind it
  • They'll collaborate by working across all of our teams to get the best results
  • The SEO team makes content suggestions and work with the Dev guys to enhance collaborative working and results
  • Think about client trends
  • What's planned in - and why
  • Adding to wishlists and prioritising what to focus on to get better results
  • And more.

That's just a top-level overview of what the two discussed in the first episode of their Trending Upwards podcast. Want to find out more? Including how they manage client requests and unexpected updates? Hit the play button above and start utilising their tactics right away.

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