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How HubSpot CRM Can Improve Your Sales

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The power of HubSpot lies in the depth it offers in its free customer relationship management. Add in some of the paid add-ons within HubSpot Sales and it offers unparalleled aid to your sales performance. Behaviour tracking, list segmentation and workflow arrangements are all there for you to harness.

With just the basic CRM and a some paid add-ons from HubSpot Sales, these features will allow you to nurture leads more effectively and convert them into sales more often.

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Identifying Prospects

The HubSpot prospecting tool tracks IP addresses and can identify companies which are visiting your site regularly. This flags them as potential customers, showing you who is on your website frequently and you can identify them as active leads.

These users are clearly well into the research stage and likely to be reaching a decision soon. You can start nurturing them into a conversion by pushing more relevant content their way.


Filtering your leads.
Hubspot Prospects ViewAnalysing at a Prospects level.


Connect With Your Visitors More Effectively

There's a range of tools to help you connect with your visitors and contacts more effectively.

Messages allows you to interact with users on your site via email. The beauty of it is that it appears like a chat box, so makes making contact effortless. You also link it to your calendar and allow users to book a meeting or call with you.

The Book A Meeting tool can be incorporated with this to fill your calendar on your behalf. It also integrates with your calendar to make sure there's no double bookings and users can.



Message tool in action with Book A Meeting integrated.


Templates can then be utilised to add a degree of automation to communications with anybody who gets in touch. They can be created directly in Gmail or you can save an email as a template in HubSpot Sales, to be sent out in response to FAQs.

HubSpot itself will take the information and process it into the contact's sales profile. Your reply will be sent in response to their typical query, making sure that by the time you interact with them personally, they are are much more qualified lead.

It's worth noting the obvious here; just be sure to make sure it's personalised as, althought it is automated in actuality, it's a "personal" reply from a member of your team.

Sequences are like a mini-workflow. As opposed to becoming a complex chain of "If Yes"-"If No" decisions, the idea of actions and placing into new workflows is removed. It's great for sending catch-up emails in an automated way, "Hi {name token}, just checking that those notes you asked for came through okay? Ring me if you need a hand" could just put your company at the front of the contact's mind at just the right time.

As with, Templates, these can be highly personalised to keep that human touch and not just their name, but also depending on what other information they provide (industry and job title for example).


Explore Your Content, Contacts and Interactions Further

Documents keeps all the relevant content needed to convert a sale organised and accessible. See which emails, pages and documents prospects are opening or viewing so that you know what information you can use to help convert them during a closing discussion.

Hubspot CRM Contacts Toolbar

A blank note Document attached to a contact for future reference during sales calls.


Similar to this is the Activity Stream, which is perfect for improving sales calls. The sales team can now visually see the journey that users have taken around the site, which forms they've completed and documents they've accessed. This can inform and tailor the final pitch accodingly as you'll never be making calls blind.

When the call is made they can be Logged and Recorded, allowing the team to revisit them later and ensure nothing is missed. They hidden, but great, benefit is that it means the whole conversation remains natural and open, not stagnated by thorough note taking and the like.


Different options available within this feature. Call from within, set tasks, attach other info and format to suit.

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