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Video trends you should know about | VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #05

2 mins read

Two customers recently asked, "What trends are happening in video, generally speaking?" They wanted to make sure they aren't looking out-of-date or old-fashioned... and also trying to get ahead of the curve.

Here's what we've spotted is happening in the video world, this quarter...


  1. MORE VIDEOS: As HubSpot flagged in their last State of Inbound report, video is the most popular marketing content format. People are doing more videos than ever.
  2. (GOOD) DIY QUALITY IS FINE: For most of the videos you create, the production quality bar is much lower than what was acceptable, say, half a dozen years ago.
  3. BUT FULLY-PRODUCED VIDEO STANDARDS ARE RISING: But the pay-off of this is that, when people do invest in a fully produced video, the creative standard is rising higher and higher. It's really amazing what some businesses are putting out - it's great to see.

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The VIDEO FIRST Newsletter #05 transcript:

Hi, Paul here with the Video First Newsletter. And this week we're looking at video trends.

Something that we've been asked about a few times so we thought'd make a good newsletter topic.

'What are the trends that we're spotting in video?' So that you're aware of what other people are doing.

And firstly the big trend is still that video is getting more and more popular.

And like HubSpot mentioned in their last state of inbound report, video is actually more popular than blogging for marketers.

Now it's the top priority in terms of output. And then I think coupled with the other trend that helps, that makes sense is that D. I. Y. quality is fine. So this this [video] hasn't gone into the video department. This is using Vidyard, with a headset plugged in, in a quiet meeting room for 1-1 type messaging

Even if this is 1-1 level that's sent to many people, which is what this Video First Newsletter is, that is fine for a great number of cases because we've spent all of 2020 on video calls we're all used to receiving and seeing our colleagues and our clients speak to each other on video calls from people's bedrooms, from people's kitchen. We've got kids and dogs going off at the start of the meeting so that bar of entry to what the video should be, for a lot of cases, if it's a familiar relationship, which this is (I like to think we are now we're a few newsletters in together)... It's fine.

You understand that I'm in the office and I'm recording your video message so that the point made is the entry level to video is lower and more accessible to people.

The other trend we're seeing now is the flip side of that is because video, like in the first point, video has become more popular than blogging for marketing output in order to stand out from the crowd - because basically everybody is doing marketing videos - when you DO produce a video that bar of quality has actually raised at the other end.

So more creativity, more production quality, more thought needs to go into your produced videos to make them stand out from the masses. So they're the three trends:

We're seeing more video

Lower quality standards in terms of production at the bottom end [1-1 videos]

But higher at the [fully] produced end. And they are the trends that we're seeing.

I'll see you in the next video newsletter. Have any queries, just give me a shout.