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What can inbound sales do for your business?

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In today's society, it’s the buyer who dictates what happens, not the salesperson. Did you know that 81% of people who make bigger investments do research online before buying? In other words, the buyer has the power – not the salesperson.

The customer is more well-informed and aware of his or her own needs. Therefore, we must stop selling and instead help buyers find the solutions that work best for them.

57% of salespeople believe that the customer is less dependent on salespeople in the purchase process, precisely because customers can easily google whatever they have questions about.

Therefore it’s very important that you’re present where your customers are. The inbound sales methodology revolves around this: do not push a product onto the customer, but rather be present where the customer is, and try to help.


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5 reasons why your business will get better results with inbound sales

5 reasons why your business will get better results with inbound sales

1) You establish yourself as experts instead of salespeople

In 2018, you will not close deals simply because you’ve got a product, but because your product is the best solution to a person's specific problem.

By providing additional value to the information the lead has found through his or her own research, you build trust, establish yourself as an expert, and close deals because you help the person solve a problem, rather than sell for the sake of selling.

How can you do this? It is easy:

  • Ask questions that might be uncomfortable to ask but that provides you with great insight into the problems and challenges the lead is facing, so that he or she can think critically about what they really need
  • Teach the prospect how they can use strategies and tactics to work towards their own goals
  • Show how your products or services can help the prospect get higher ROI and reduce the risk

 2) You convert better because the leads are warmer

Tired of talking to cold leads who have no interest in talking to you? With the help of inbound marketing and inbound sales, the lead-to-customer conversion will improve because the sales-qualified leads are actually warm and ready to buy.

By that, we mean that the leads are ready to buy when you talk to them. The marketing department uses lead scoring to determine if a lead is ready or not. They will be sales-ready once they have received a lot of information and have shown interest in the product you sell. Then it's much easier to close the deal.

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3) You convert the right customers for your business

You convert the right customers for your business

Sales are not just about closing as many deals as possible. Wouldn’t it be great to get those customers who get the best results out of your solutions because they’re a perfect match?

Not only will you collaborate better – you’ll also receive ambassadors for your company. Ambassadors are customers who are so pleased with your product that they’re more than happy to recommend it, and you as a business, to others.

In addition, this opens up for upselling customers who are already happy with what you sell. That's because satisfied customers are customers who buy more.

4) The product or service you sell will be valued as premium for those who buy – not just another solution on the market

You’d like to sell what your business delivers because you believe in the solution, not because you have been told to sell to at least two people a day, right?

The inbound methodology helps the company build both the people who sell, but also the solution you sell. It shouldn’t just be a product that’s as good as hundreds of others found on the market. It should be exclusive because it solves problem “x” or challenge “y” in the best possible way.

If you work this way, it will be easier for the customer to differentiate your business from the competitors’. What’s special about you? Make sure this information is out on the market. This brings us to the next point, which is about collaboration with the marketing department.

5) Inbound sales make it easier to implement sales enablement

Sales enablement is a method of inbound sales based on the sales department working with the marketing department to achieve the best results for both departments.

By linking up the two departments, the sales process can save both time and cost.

Here's how:

  • It’s easier to ensure that the leads delivered from the marketers to the salespeople are actually warm enough to be contacted
  • Salespeople have the access to the history of the people they should contact and therefore know what problems a particular person has and what he or she is interested in
  • All activity in the sales department is easily found in the same system the marketing department uses, and vice versa
  • The content produced by the marketing department can provide better answers to the questions the salespeople often get, so that salespeople can spend their time selling, rather than answering questions

By using the content that the marketing department produces, which answers the questions the customers often ask the sales department, one can:

  • Be perceived as an expert
  • Convert well-informed leads
  • Convert the right leads
  • Solve the problems the leads are facing

Therefore, it is essential for inbound sales that the marketing and sales departments work closely together. 

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