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PAID MEDIA PODCAST: What does a paid social media manager do?

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Have you ever tossed and turned in bed all night? A lot weighing on your mind? Struggling to fall asleep and getting frustrated because you have no clue what a paid social media manager does? If, like me, you've felt the same, then this is the podcast for you.

After getting a telling off from Chris and Christian for not knowing the ins-and-outs of all the effort that goes into a PPC Manager's roles and responsibilities and questioning what Christian has on his plate to be in so early to the office every day (turns out it's crap WiFi at home), the guys now explain what a Paid Social Media Manager does.

We know how valuable pay-per-click is as a marketing channel. While PPC typically revolves around things like Google Ads and Google Analytics, in episode four of the Paid Media Podcast, the guys now explain what's involved in paid social and how it differs.



The guys start off by discussing what platforms you should use as part of your paid social strategy. Although Facebook is the go-to for many, it shouldn't be the be-all and end-all in terms of the platforms you use. That's mainly because of Facebook Ads changing due to the iOS tracking shenanigans, but in reality, there's a lot you can do on Facebook — you probably just aren't doing it.

Chris likes Facebook as a paid social platform because of the audiences you can build on it when you have the correct pixels set up. Another strategy you can try is the dollar a day strategy, which Chris recommends works on videos as you can move leads into different audiences depending on how much of a video they've consumed.

Right now, everyone is doing re-marketing. That's it. There's a lot more you can do, such as video ads, carousels and different images. People involved in paid social tend to shy away from Facebook images because of the pesky 20% image rule and it seems to have put people off.

However, if you create good content, it will resonate with people. Spend your time on creativity and nail it so your strategies can work, regardless of the audience.

The guys also run through the importance of LinkedIn, ad types, SEMrush, Twitter, Snapchat Ads, Pinterest and more. Hit the play button above to hear what the guys had to say.


What you can do to reduce your paid social costs

Paid social is the most efficient way to get results, but it does come at a cost. Chris and Christian then shared some tips on how you can reduce your paid social costs, even though not all of it will be in your control.

  • Follow best practices — not necessarily Google best practices as this can cost you a fortune
  • Create relevant content
  • Stay up to date with your content
  • Keep your website and profiles well-kept and updated
  • Focus on page speed and user experience

All of this makes a massive difference towards lowering your paid social costs.


What else?

That's just a brief run-through of what the guys discussed in episode four of the Paid Media Podcast. The guys also explain:

  • How to build a campaign effectively
  • How to create an audience
  • Ad creation
  • Graphic creation
  • Optimisation

Christian's biggest piece of advice? When you use Facebook Ads or any platform, start A/B testing audiences right away. Going in blind might not necessarily tell you what's working, but having strong data behind your decisions will pay off in the long run.

To find out more about what the guys had to say, click the play button below to listen on-the-go.


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