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What it Takes to Work at an Inbound Marketing Agency: 8 Key Traits

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Thinking of starting a career at an inbound marketing agency or looking to make the swap from an in-house role? Here are eight key traits that you’ll need to have to be successful. From problem-solving to being a great storyteller, these are the top skills agencies are looking for when they’re on the hunt for new talent.

  • Flexible at All Times

  • You Thrive When Working Under Pressure

  • Multitasking Comes Naturally

  • You’re a Great Communicator

  • Problem Solving is More Than a Hobby

  • Be Hungry to Learn

  • Everyone Loves Your Stories

  • Happy to Get Involved

Mayzin and Paul in a meeting

Flexible at All Times

At an inbound marketing agency, you’ll be working for large clients that are from a wide range of industries.

You’ll need to be flexible and good at adapting to different problems and situations. One minute you’re working on emails for a designer fashion label, the next you’re in a strategy meeting for a global accountancy firm. There’s no time to refresh and take a minute in a fast-paced office, so you’ll need to be ready to go whatever the task.

You Thrive When Working Under Pressure

To succeed at an inbound marketing agency like Digital 22, you need to be cool and calm under pressure. There are always tight deadlines that need to be met and if you miss them, it usually means someone else falls behind too.

On major projects, each team does their part and if you’re the one that’s letting the side down, everyone suffers the wrath of an unhappy client. You should be focused and calm no matter what’s thrown at you.

Multitasking Comes Naturally

With so many clients and projects to think about, you’ll have a lot of plates spinning most of the time. You need to be able to put a task that you’re working on to one side to jump on something that urgently needs doing.

If you can’t multitask then jobs will start to fall through the cracks and clients will be unhappy that you weren’t able to help them with an urgent job. To be able to multitask, you need to be organised and well prepared at all times.

You’re a Great Communicator

Running a successful marketing campaign without good communication is impossible. You need to speak to your teammates, managers and the client to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Breakdowns in communication lead to wasted time and effort. To work at an inbound marketing agency, you need to be a great communicator on the phone, over email and in person.

David hard at work

Problem Solving is More Than a Hobby

If you love nothing more than solving a puzzle, then you’ll probably do very well at an inbound marketing agency. Whether it’s website developers that need to fix a bug or the SEO team trying to find the right keywords to focus, there are all kinds of problems that you’ll need to solve on a day-to-day basis.

Be Hungry to Learn

Being hungry to learn is one of Digital 22’s core values because it acts as a constant reminder that there’s always more to know when it comes to inbound marketing. There’s always new techniques, strategies and ways of thinking to consider, so you’ll need to be prepared to study. If you don’t think there’s anything left for you to learn, then this isn’t the right role for you.

Everyone Loves Your Stories

Being a great storyteller is a useful trait to have whatever your role is at an inbound marketing agency. Content drives traffic and converts leads so it needs to be informative, engaging and a really good read or watch.

It isn’t just writers that need to think about telling a good story. Marketers need to grab attention in workflow emails and Social Media Marketers need to stand out from the noise and stop the user from scrolling past.

Happy to Get Involved

At meetings and scrums, you’ll need to share ideas and offer opinions on projects and campaigns. You don’t need to be the loudest, but you shouldn’t shy away from saying what you think. Getting involved also extends to social activities. Whether it’s Christmas jumper day or a charity bake sale, taking part helps to build relationships with your teammates.

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