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Why Marketers Should Be Using HubSpot Sales (Everyday)

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There’s an ongoing dispute between marketers and sales which needs to come to an end. You will get more out of your marketing and sales efforts if you work together, and that’s a fact.

Sales Team Member on the phone, writing notes with HubSpot sales on in the background

HubSpot Sales is a great tool but not many marketers utilise it on a day to day basis or even at all throughout their time in marketing. Yes, it may seem daunting as there’s a lot of aspects in there which us marketers aren’t familiar with, but there are also a range of hidden gems which will help improve your marketing efforts.

From seeing where contacts first touchpoint was on the site, to using the live chat option there are many fantastic reasons why you should be using HubSpot Sales.

Smarter Marketing

Creating blogs, landing pages, useful downloads, CTA’s, keyword research, these are all tactics marketers use to gain the attention of potential customers, which if done right are extremely effective. What if I told you about becoming a smarter marketer?

As you’ve probably already guessed, you can become a smarter marketer through using HubSpot Sales.

You can take a more in-depth look as to where customers came from, that could be from visiting the site organically, visiting a blog, or through social media. It’s a great way to see what content is reaching people and what is working.

You can use this information to better your marketing efforts, maybe your customers prefer more visual efforts through social, maybe they enjoy reading quirkier blogs. It allows you to determine what catches people’s eyes.

Develop Personas

Personas are a key asset to marketers, they are the fictional representations of the customers they are targeting. You may be asking yourself, well how can HubSpot Sales help with personas?

Personas are one of the first things you create before you  start creating any content. But they aren’t just left and forgotten about. As your marketing efforts continue, your personas will also develop and changes will need to be implemented.

Using HubSpot Sales allows you to see exactly who the customer is. You may even find whole types of people that aren’t  included in your original personas. Constantly building on your personas will mean you create more effective content as you are pinpointing the correct audience.

Email Nurturing

The majority of the time an early lead isn’t ready to  jump straight into a purchase. Prospects need to be nurtured before even considering selling to them. Your marketers will nurture them through their communications, which will hopefully pass them through to your sales team to close the deal.

Using HubSpot Sales allows you to see where a person is up to within the buyer’s journey. They may be near the end and just need that extra little bit of a push, or they’ve just entered and need to be guided along the journey through automation only.

As a marketer, this gives you clear direction on how to target a specific person depending upon which stage of the journey they’re at. You can use knowledge from the sales tool to set up back-end triggers which stop marketing comms being sent to prospects who are further along the sale's journey.

Predictive Lead Scoring

Predictive lead scoring is a useful tool within HubSpot Sales. This feature allows you to predict leads from tasks. If you are new to HubSpot Sales, creating a task helps you keep track of your to-do list and easily access the records associated with each task.

Predictive lead scoring analyses your keywords and SEO tasks, plus existing contact lists to give a realistic expectation of how many leads it should create. This is done using a proprietary algorithm which was created by HubSpot for this exact purpose.

For marketing purposes, predictive lead scoring will show you the outcome to your keyword research and SEO efforts. If your lead prediction isn’t great then you know to focus on these areas and work out a way to improve your lead score.

You Can Watch Where Prospects Are

As a marketer, you do a lot of work to gain leads, nurture them and then pass them onto the sales team. From there on, they may potentially become customers. However, this journey does take time.

With HubSpot Sales you can see where prospects are in their journey even after they're classed as an MQL.

You can be the Big Brother of your company and see everything that is going on. By keeping a check on where your prospects are within the funnel you are able to send them well-timed and contextual information.


Your lead has read a few blogs and then visited the price guide, however they aren’t there for long and bounce within a minute. From this information you could send them an offer, maybe additional information as they aren’t ready for the price guide yet. This shows the lead that you care and are interested in their custom.

Watching your prospects will also show you what works and what doesn’t. Leads may visit your price guide but automatically leave the page, maybe they weren’t ready to commit to a sale, or the price guide looks spammy and too pushy.

Having this information is key to ensuring your leads enjoy a smooth journey around your site and through the funnel. You can make tweaks to pages that aren’t as popular and improve those that are.

Sales Screenshot Showing Journey Of A Lead Becoming An Opportunity

Above is a screenshot of a contact’s first journey with us. As you can see, they found us organically. Their journey shows where the contact has been, what they have downloaded and their status within their journey from lead to customer. This is only a brief capture as the journey carries on, but it shows the depth of information you can gather from a contact.

Seeing how your prospects are behaving  will give you a better understanding of the next steps as a marketer you should take to improve your results.


As a marketer going over to sales territory can be daunting and way out of our comfort zone, however there are many benefits to using both the sales and marketing side of HubSpot.

This will not only improve your marketing but also improve the relationship between your sales and marketing departments.

HubSpot Sales is one of many useful tools within HubSpot. We have put together a comparison guide comparing HubSpot to a range of other marketing platforms, why not check it out for yourself.


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