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5 reasons why video marketing is so powerful

2 mins read

By now, as a marketer, I'm gonna assume you understand why video marketing is so powerful. But some people around you might need convincing.

Hit them with some knowledge bombs and use these five reasons to explain why video marketing is so powerful. Then, you'll get the buy-in, budget (or both) you're looking for to do more meaningful video work.

Let's go...


1. People process video 60,000x FASTER than text

That's why this blog post has a video. Reading all of these words takes a lot longer than watching a video version of the same information.

Obviously, there's a time and a place for the written word, but you can get MORE information across faster when using video.

And here's the kicker: That means you're communicating more information in a shorter amount of time.

You're being more efficient with your audience's time without them even realising it. Value add.

2. A video's message gets remembered better

Not only is the information processed faster, but the information conveyed is also stickier and easier to recall than text only.

By using neuroscience analysis on email recipients, B2B Decision Labs found that video-based messaging triggers some cool stuff in our brains.

"Video engages reflexive thinking, which can lead to improved long-term memory,” said Dr. Carmen Simon, who led the study.

Read more about it here and use video alongside your other content formats. Especially in email automation, which leads us to the following reason...

3. Well-chosen marketing videos are evergreen and repurposable

Forget flash-in-a-pan one time videos. Forget big-budget, short-shelf-life, "wow the audience" videos.

They have a place — but your inbound strategy isn't it.

These videos can all have a positive impact in multiple settings and stand the test of time:

  • Answering longtail keyword queries on camera — drive ongoing organic traffic to your blog, service pages and use them in social and email marketing
  • 5-minute case studies — they're great for the decision stage of the buyer's journey and can be called upon by your sales team
  • Product demos or explainers — They can live on service pages for hands-off education of prospects, used to train new starters and new customers or be used by your sales team

And that's just three examples. Repurposing evergreen videos means you get more bang for your video buck.

Get more tips on this here.

4. People binge on good video content

You know that habit you get into when you're enjoying a boxset? When you want just one more episode? And then another?

It's because we're so lazy we don't want to find something else to watch. We're also naturally risk-averse and don't want to risk rocking the boat and watch something shit.

So, make it easy for your audience to get stuck into your content and watch back-to-back videos. Set up an ecosystem of helpful, educational video content and users will enjoy watching multiple videos.

And all the positive interactions with your content are compounded and — voila — conversion time.

5. Short, clear videos increase page conversions

The results are in and it's a no-brainer: Short, direct, page conversion videos will increase your website conversion rate.

What are they? Short videos that say everything on the page in less than two minutes and (literally) tell the visitor to convert via the desired call-to-action.

They're cheap to film as they only need one or two cameras and a short rehearsal. And super quick to edit as they're only a talking head to camera. But the results are massive: We've seen submission rates increase by 60% just by using these simple videos.

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