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HubSpot Implementation, a new website and making inbound methodology the norm

After many internal discussions and extensive research, they concluded that the inbound methodology for marketing and sales would become the cornerstone of how they wanted to conduct business in the future.

With basic knowledge of HubSpot, CANEA understood the steps they needed to take and recognised the knowledge gaps within their organisation. Avidly came in as a partner, both in understanding how to implement inbound as a methodology and in the technical implementation of HubSpot CMS and CRM.



CANEA is an international IT management and consultancy company. Founded in 1994 in Gothenburg, they operate from multiple offices in Sweden, Denmark and the USA.

They're a management consultant company that helps organisations reach their full potential in strategy, leadership, transformation projects and improving efficiency.

They provide experienced consultants, trainers and relevant IT solutions, including their management platform, CANEA ONE.

100% Year on Year increase in sales of online training

Using the Inbound methodology -
And HubSpot



CANEA noticed traditional marketing channels were performing worse over time. After internal discussions, they turned to inbound marketing but recognised that knowledge gaps existed within the organisation.

Not only this, but CANEA also required a new website to support their fresh approach. 
Implementing inbound marketing alongside a new website is a big ask for a company with most of its experience in traditional marketing, which is why they entrusted Avidly to assist.

As well as providing support with inbound content and a new website, Avidly also assisted with the technical implementation of HubSpot CMS and CRM.

The impact of HubSpot:

“Using HubSpot, CANEA gained access to comprehensive data analytics, enabling employees to make informed, data-driven business decisions.”

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Johanna Sjölin - Head of Strategy, Avidly HubSpot Solutions


Avidly supported CANEA with:

  • HubSpot CRM implementation and Sales Hub support
  • HubSpot Website strategy, design and development
  • Inbound Marketing strategy, HubSpot Marketing Hub implementation

CANEA's main objective was to extend its global reach. Avidly supported this vision by developing a new, visually appealing and SEO-optimised HubSpot website.

In addition, the Avidly team supported strategic support and hands-on implementation to ensure CANEA got the most benefit from their HubSpot investment.

Results & Impact


The impact of Avidly's partnership with CANEA translated into significant traffic and sales growth across the company.

CANEA achieved record-breaking sales following the launch of the new website and adoption of the inbound methodology, including a remarkable increase in sales training courses.

In the first 90 days after the website was launched, CANEA experienced an impressive traffic increase of 30% and improved website conversion rates.

The website optimisation and digital channel strategies implemented by Avidly played a vital role in attracting and converting a larger audience, leading to significant revenue growth.

This support provided the sales team with a larger pool of leads they could turn into customers.

Using HubSpot, CANEA gained access to comprehensive data analytics, enabling employees to make informed, data-driven business decisions. Pair this with a high-performing new website, and the company was able to convert a larger quantity of leads more effectively.


Year on Year increase in sales of webinars and training


Increase in monthly website traffic within 90 days

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