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HubSpot Website Impact Award WINNER: How GDD has given actionable insights and results

About Wifi Spark

SPARK® is a digitally inclusive solution and is the conduit for creating ROI and driving efficiencies through personal and bedside technology. With over 65,300 apps available to enrich the lives of staff and patients, the infinite possibility for change is just over the Horizon. 

WiFi SPARK was struggling to make sure their website visitors received an experience that matched their superior product offering. They also had little-to-no insight into who was using their website, how they were doing so and why they were converting into contacts. Here's the story of how we helped with these issues by using.  Growth Driven Design.

Starting point


WiFi SPARK has created a platform that allows public venue owners to provide WiFi to their own customers and visitors. In addition to getting their visitors online, they also can generate invaluable insights into their visitors including the way people move around the location, peak times of use, dwell time and more.

This brings real improvement to everything from facilities management to digital marketing. Staffing levels can be mapped with more accuracy, emails can be sent in response to user habits and preferences while kiosks and concessions can be relocated to boost sales.

Knowledge is power for WiFi SPARK’s clients.

So it was a pain for the in-house marketing team at WiFi SPARK that they knew next to nothing about their own potential customer’s habits when browsing their website. Also, the general appearance wasn’t befitting of the high-level offering that WiFi SPARK offers with their product, especially following a recent rebrand.

Claire Bradley and Becky Duffin are the two-strong marketing department at WiFi SPARK. Whilst their expertise has helped attract some of the biggest possible customers - the NHS, Arriva Trains - for WiFi SPARK, keeping up the momentum on their own website’s marketing was difficult.

As a company, WiFi SPARK has some highly skilled back-end developers who work to provide an uber-reliable and insightful platform to their customers. But for Becky and Claire to pull this resource onto updating their own website was a constant challenge.

“There were only two of us on the team,” explained Becky, “and we were just trying to do everything.”

It’s a path that’s well worn: an in-house team is stretched for resources so turns to an agency for help.

What’s been a little different in our work with Claire and Becky is that they are able to produce a whole load of content themselves. They were already doing the base work of inbound marketing, but didn’t have the platform and finishing touches to tie it all together.

They could produce the marketing content easily enough - in fact, our first inbound campaign together was centred around the multiple case studies that Claire and Becky had produced. What they couldn’t do, previously, was track who was consuming their content and nurture them accordingly.

It was all a bit scattergun and stab in the dark. The exact opposite of what WiFi SPARK’s product enables their own customers to do.

“We didn’t know who was visiting and the experience wasn’t to the calibre we wanted it to be.”

Russell Bragg Respect_(Green)_overlay

Claire Bradley, WiFi SPARK

What we did 

Time to gain some insights


In essence, our first inbound campaign comprised two aspects:

  1. Building a new website which was befitting of the WiFi SPARK rebrand.

  2. Add some strategic insight into the base of content that Claire and Becky had already produced.

Of course, the latter depended on the former. We needed a HubSpot website in place to fully learn about the prospects. In line with the rebrand, we built an insightful website on the HubSpot CMS.

Our content and SEO strategy is trending website views upwards, as shown below, and HubSpot is allowing us to learn more about those visitors at the same time.

We’ve used HubSpot’s analytical tools to create a mapped-out user journey of content via smart CTAs, automated workflows and tactical email marketing. The biggest immediate impact was using forms and landing pages to gate the wealth of content that Claire and Becky produced so that we could begin learning about their prospects.

Put the knowledge to work

Becky and Claire are “pleased we can now track the journey of a visitor… where they go, what content they download, where they fit in our lead-gen journey. We can see when people are either a marketing qualified lead or a sales qualified lead.”

Becky outlined the positives of their website. In short, “everybody loves the website, it’s so easy to use and it’s a great sales tool now.”

And Claire is especially pleased with the GDD process, “If something’s working not quite right, we can get it sorted.” In particular, Claire loves the regular CRO audits that our team provide and the fact that our analysis of their website is allowing us all to make data-driven decisions when it comes to making changes.

By far the most useful thing is the level of knowledge gained. We can now categorise people into lifecycle stages with proper confidence. We can see who’s an MQL or an SQL so know when to push for a conversation. We can see what content is working and produce more of it, instead of just Claire and Becky just producing case study after case study and sending them out into the ether.

The Results


Since launched WiFi SPARK has gotten some really great results. The amount of leads is up by 448 percent, inbound blogging has climbed every month and website conversion is up 400 percent since we launched the site.

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