.506 integrated Ordr and HubSpot - two way to sync their systems for automated invoicing

Type: Integration
Client: 506
Deliverables: HubSpot CRM, Integration, Migration

Custom integration with existing order system

.506 is a company with a mission to create sustainable food habits by serving deliciously tasting food for company lunches, canteens and events. They also create their own lines of retail products.



Starting point

.506 was looking for a partner who could help them set up a two way integration between Ordr and HubSpot. The reason they wanted to do a integration was .506 already 6 used Ordr and wanted to start using HubSpot CRM.

What we did

Integration architecture and set up

What Avidly did was to create an architecture for an integration two-way for products, companies, contacts and deals in HubSpot. 

We also did a set up which made HubSpot the master platform to make it possible for .506 to handle everything from HubSpot, instead of needing to use several platforms to be able to reach the information they need in their daily work. 





The results

  • A clear and efficient architecture for a two-way integration for both products, companies, contacts and deals in HubSpot.
  • HubSpot as a master platform for .506 to make the daily work easier. 

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