Hexatronic implements HubSpot CRM globally for better collaboration and overview cross countries and business units.

Type: HubSpot CRM
Client: Hexatronic
Deliverables: Sales Enablement, CRM, International Services, Integration

Exellent fiber optic technology

Hexatronic Group has its headquarters in Sweden with +20 international companies and over 1000 employees around the world. They offer a complete range of passive fiber optic infrastructure and sell to their customers across the globe.


Starting point

Hexatronic wanted to get even better at serving their customers in a timely manner as well as collaborate across business units and markets internally - this required a consolidated CRM-system. Some business units did not have a modern CRM, and across Hexatronic globally there were multiple CRM-systems in use. This set up led to inefficiency across their markets where Hexatronic saw a great potential in consolidating their system environment.

Some CRM-systems that were in place were also outdated and hard to manage for the sales reps in their day-to-day tasks. Evaluation began - could HubSpot CRM be a good fit?

The overall goal was to get a consolidated CRM in place to both reduce costs and support a better and easier collaboration internally with a modern CRM.


What did we do?

Avidly started a pilot project together with Hexatronic for implementation of HubSpot CRM. The pilot project ran in May-June 2020 and included the markets for Sweden, Norway, Finland and the United States. In the pilot project a global framework for how Hexatronic should work inside HubSpot was set in place, and later localized for each unit/market.

In June 2020 these markets went live in HubSpot CRM and ran until October 2020 where a decision was made to roll out to all markets after additional functionalities were implemented and tested carefully.

Following Avidly helped Hexatronic roll out the CRM for New Zealand, Australia, Germany and one of their companies Hexatronic Security and Surveillance and later other markets and units will follow.

Since we have multiple markets, business units and teams inside the same portal, it adds to a more complex set up with user access rights. 

Other areas where Avidly have helped is to add on processes inside HubSpot such as their recruitment process, this is still in pilot stage with ongoing discussions for global roll out. 

Avidly have also implemented a hand over process for leads between marketing and sales to have the different departments collaborate better in the system. 

The results

Getting a modern CRM in place together with a framework for how Hexatronic should use HubSpot globally, as well as an implementation process for local roll out.


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