Creating an informational launch campaign with Inbound Marketing & HubSpot





Type: Inbound Marketing
Client: Osstell
Deliverables: Inbound marketing, HubSpot support, Social media , Email marketing, Content production
About Osstell
Osstell is the global leader in implant stability measurement and osseointegration progress monitoring. With 20 years of experience their mission is to help dentists and dental surgeons worldwide provide safer, more effective and more successful implant treatments. Osstell is  in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The case

Starting point

The collaboration between Osstell and Avidly started when Osstell required support with HubSpot on an ongoing basis. During this time Osstell has been working on a new digital service for their platform OsstellConnect, called the ConsultationTool. A cloud-based solution offering a new way for clinicians to use data to enhance their dental implant treatments.

For this launch Osstell needed  assistance  to reach their goal of targeting a wide range of their audience with a creative campaign about their new cloud-based solution. Osstell’s  main wish for the campaign was lead generation and increased engagement and Avidly assisted  creating the campaign. 


What did we do?

Avidly assisted this campaign by working with and advising Osstell on all aspects of their inbound marketing. From brainstorming new ideas for outreach, to the execution and visibility of the data in the reporting dashboard.

“Everyone who works at Avidly is very dedicated and goes the extra mile that many other agencies don't. They come up with ideas that you haven't thought of yourself and I am incredibly grateful for the help we have received from them.”

Hanne Nyberg, Online Marketing Manager, Osstell

The results

Osstell has evolved their digital marketing by using HubSpot and launched a creative campaign with help from inbound marketing. 


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