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Video isn’t a want,
it’s a need for businesses

You’ve seen all the stats about how much of the internet’s content is video-based. Video is everywhere. You can’t avoid it, but it’s clear that there are many different kinds of videos.

From simple face to the camera all the way through to complex TV adverts, Avidly has experience in them all. We can work with you to identify the right style of video to meet your goals.




...of marketers say the primary goal of their company’s video marketing efforts is to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences.

How can video transform your business?

Video used across your business helps in all these areas...

Make better connections with video:

Transform the way you communicate with clients, candidates and internally by using 1-1 video messages.

Shorten sales time and increase revenue:

Improve core sales success metrics and build connections sooner. And generate more pipeline and revenue, FASTER.

Improve sales, recruitment and internal efficiencies:

Use repeatable videos and asynchronous communication to solve problems and boost communication.

Synergise with marketing videos for huge impact:

Even bigger impact can be made when marketing videos are strategically chosen to complement your sales process.

(Source: HubSpot)

Here's some samples of our work

Video for Inbound

Inbound video marketing isn’t about trying to go viral or getting your videos on TV. It’s about delivering helpful content to your audience in a format that’s fitting for the world we’re in today.

You’ve seen all the stats about how much of the internet’s content will be video-based by the end of the year. In fact, you only need to look at your LinkedIn or Twitter feed to see just how much video marketing is out there. Not doing video means your inbound efforts will be less successful. That’s why we’ve put together some effective inbound video marketing services to help you make it happen.



We can support all your video needs

We can help make sure your video plans are effective for all your business needs (whilst maximising your investment). Get more bang for your video buck with an aligned sales and marketing strategy - and get the plans and production to match your budget. In a nutshell, we are a one-stop shop for filming, editing, sound recording, animation, and photography. We also facilitate webinars from time to time.

We operate in 3 phases:



In this phase we consider the goals and purpose of the video. We then identify the right video to meet those goals. We then work on mood boards, story boards, scripts, location planning and if needed casting and scheduling.



When it comes to filming, we consider everything from lighting to cameras and from sound to directing. We work with you to make sure everything we choose to use will hit those goals.



Once we’ve got all the footage we need we edit it together to align to the plans and deliver the finished product.


Global Partner of the Year - 4 years in a row

Out of the thousands of HubSpot agencies out there, we were officially named HubSpot Partner of the Year for three years in a row - 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022. This award proves our knowledge and competence in HubSpot. 


Proven Elite HubSpot Partner

Avidly is one of only a few Elite HubSpot Agencies. This means HubSpot recognise us for our understanding of the platform and our ability to implement the best solutions for our customers.


HubSpot's Partner Directory

It's easy for us and HubSpot to say we're good at what we do, but it's important that you hear that from companies like yours too who are using our services to help them grow. You can see reviews from over 200 customers about their experiences in the HubSpot's Partner Directory.

“Following the recent sign-off of an animated explainer video for our company, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Avidly for their overall efforts in making the project a success. The guys got to work quickly with a less-than-simplistic brief provided by us and we are thoroughly pleased with the end result. At all times communication was good from their side and they made themselves available at times to suit us. It's clear to see why they hold the reputation that they currently have. We would have no hesitation in recommending Avidly as a company and we will likely be using them again for future requirements.”

Matthew Hall, CC McLays

Let’s discuss video

Now, discover the video marketing option that is right for you. 

Our team can help you and your team reach new levels of success by finding the right kind of video for your business today.