Need to refresh your knowledge of the industry's most inspiring people? We’ve found 7 of them who are really worth following.

1. Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is an optimist, founder of Start With Why, and an ethnographer. With his positive and visionary thought and unique intellect, he teaches leaders and businesses how to inspire people. He has also started a movement helping people be inspired at work.

Sinek is also a bestselling author. Some of his most well-known works are “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action," the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal bestseller, “Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Do not," and his latest book "Together Is Better: A Little Book of Inspiration," illustrated by Ethan M. Aldridge.

An active social media user, Sinek often publishes inspirational quotes and articles on Twitter, while frequently updating his Instagram profile with personal photos. You can follow him on social media here:

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2. Seth Godin

Founder of altMBA, blogger, entrepreneur, spokesperson, and author. Seth has done it all, and on his LinkedIn profile, you will find an impressive number of "Founder and CEO" titles. As an author, he has written eighteen bestsellers translated into thirty-five languages. If you want to take a closer look, you can visit his website.

Godin uses social media channels like Facebook and Twitter to spread his message. You can mostly find short video clips, as well as shared posts from his blog.

Follow Seth Godin on social media to get an insight into his creative thought:

3. Ann Handley

Digital marketer, keynote speaker, and content expert. She became the world's first "Chief Content Officer" and has been successful in writing and talking about the reassessment of how businesses market themselves, and how they can create success.

Ann Handley is also a writer and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of, among others, "Everybody Writes".

On her social media, you can find everything from personal and fun photos on Instagram, to wise words, quotes and statements on Facebook as well as tips and tricks on Twitter. Take a look at Linkedin if you want to see her impressive list of achievements.

Follow Ann on social media:

 4. Rand Fishkin

The Wizard of Moz (as he has named himself) is one of the founders of one of the world's fastest-growing software companies today, Moz. The company's main focus is providing professional marketers with analytical tools and recommendations to improve their website traffic and customer purchases.

On Facebook, you get to see a good portion of useful videos from Rand Fishkin himself. He updates his Twitter account several times a day, with lots of useful tips and other information about what he is passionate about. This is mainly search engine optimization, social media, small startups, and internet marketing.

Follow Rand Fishkin on Social Media here:

 5. Matthew Howells-Barby

Matthew is Director of Acquisition at HubSpot. He is also a counsellor for several startup companies, investor, lecturer, and global speaker. He is into new trends like chatbots, blockchain/crypto, and has recently stated that "HubSpot has gone very bitcoin focused recently".

Mr Howells-Barby is definitely most active on Twitter where you can find frequent updates about what he's most passionate about. Facebook shows a more personal page of Mattew's life, so if you are interested in this, follow him on social media:

6. Luke Summerfield

Luke is the founder of Growth Driven Design at HubSpot. He helps others find their hidden potential and lives according to his motto "Unlocking Moments of Inspiration". His core values are:

  • "Better than yesterday"
  • "Attach the outcome"
  • "Heart and mind like a child"
  • "Everyone is family”

In his spare time, Luke is passionate about mixed martial arts and his puppy ... can you guess what it's called? ...Mac!

On Twitter, he shares a lot of inspirational posts about growth and web design, as well as some personal posts in between all the business talk. If you want his entire story and wish to dig deeper into who Luke Summerfield is, take a look at his website.

Follow Luke on Social Media:


7. Robbie McFarlane

McFarlane is Principal II Channel Consultant at HubSpot. He helps companies grow through the use of HubSpot while being responsible for the operation of strategic development, and customer loyalty.

Robbie describes himself as a burrito-eating, inbound marketing aficionado who likes to travel and ski. Robbie mostly tweets about work and leisure and it's definitely worth taking a look at his LinkedIn profile to see everything he has accomplished by now.

Follow Robbie McFarlane on Social Media:


Find some of these people interesting? We do! HubSpot and their employees are definitely someone to keep up with in social media in order to stay involved in the rapidly changing market. 


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