Gamification for B2B - how to get more quality leads and engage your customers



Gaming mechanisms are extremely effective, both when it comes to acquiring new leads, engaging existing contacts and winning back lost customers.

In this webinar you will find concrete examples of how companies like Grundfos use gamification with great success.

If you think gamification is in the fun and giggles category only suited for B2C companies, this webinar will challenge your perspective.

We have invited Martin Bjørn Madsen from LeadFamly to show why the application of gamification techniques works just as well for B2B businesses and how the mechanisms can be used to engage customers throughout the entire customer journey.

You will learn:

  • Why does gamification work?
  • How can the mechanism be used to generate new leads and engage existing customers?
  • How have other B2B companies done and what results have they achieved?
  • How can games support your other sales and marketing efforts?
  • How do you get started?

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