Marketing and sales tailored for the buyer’s journey

Customers have changed. To keep up, your marketing and sales must follow.

Our services within digital sales and marketing support your customers’ path to purchase - from the initial process of identifying needs to the final choice of supplier.

Check out our services underneath and discover how they support all four stages of the customer journey
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What’s my challenge?

Whenever customers notice a problem that needs to be fixed, they reach out for solutions on Google and within their network.

  • Website Design and development of websites created for lead generation.
  • Content and video marketing Lead generating content that attracts traffic and converts visitors into leads.
  • HubSpot Marketing automation that connects all of your marketing activities and makes it possible to measure the effect.
  • SEO Technical and on-page SEO that optimizes your exposure on Google’s search engine.
  • Google Ads and paid social Distribute your content to target groups.

How can I solve my challenge?

Customers educate themselves and consider different solutions before making a decision.

  • Content and video marketing Helpful and valuable content that pushes the lead further toward the path to purchase.
  • Website Personalized content on the website guides your leads further toward the path to purchase and teaches you about the leads’ needs.
  • Integrations Integrate your business critical platforms to segment and target your leads.
  • HubSpot Segmentation and lead scoring ensure that you only need to put effort into the most valuable leads.
  • Conversational marketing Use chatbots to initiate an automated but targeted conversation with your leads.

Who can help me solve my challenge? 

The customer is ready to make a decision and talk to your sales team.

  • Sales enablement Optimize your sales process and the suppliers’ education using modern B2B sales.
  • Sales content Customer cases and other content that support the customer’s purchase decision.
  • Conversational marketing Be available – Reply to the customer’s question as soon as possible via chat.
  • HubSpot HubSpot CRM is the backbone of the sales department, ensuring effective interactions with the most valuable leads and timely follow-up. 

From customer to promoter

The customers have purchased your product. To turn them into loyal ambassadors, you need to offer them an exceptional experience.  

  • Email marketing Stay helpful by delivering relevant, personalized content that strengthens customer relations.
  • Content and video marketing Offer your customers the knowledge required to gain the most out of your products. This encourages them to recommend you to others.
  • HubSpot HubSpot Service Hub offers you tools to guarantee modern customer service. Find data to boost additional sales in the CRM.
Our services

How we help you with digital sales and marketing



HubSpot is a market leader in marketing automation. Avidly is a leading HubSpot Agency Partner. Read more...


Inbound Strategy & Roadmap

We help you lay out the strategy and plan that allows you to reach your goals.


Website design

Web design and web development for lead generation based on the Growth-Driven Design principle.


Sales enablement

A more effective sales process and modern tools that improve sales dialogues and meetings. Read more...


Inbound marketing

A dedicated inbound specialist initiates and drives the inbound activities that will lead you to your goals. Read more...


Content marketing

Helpful and targeted content fuels your inbound engine. And without a spinning engine, you won't get the leads you need. Read more...


Video marketing

Personal and trust-building communication of your messages in all stages of the buyer's journey. Read more...


Conversational marketing

Be helpful in real-time. Use the chat and chatbot to immediately help your customers. Read more...



Connect your HubSpot platform to other critical IT systems. Fixed prices on integrations to Dynamics CRM. Read more...


Google Ads and paid social

Use paid advertising to target potential customers that haven’t actively searched for your solution.

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