Content marketing

Successful content attracts, engages, sells – and inspires emotion!

Content marketing is one of the most essential elements of today’s marketing. It produces useful and interesting content valued by its target group. Quality content engages existing customers and attracts new audiences.

We will help you make contents that are useful, insightful and help the customer along the way on their buyer’s journey.

content marketing

The basis of content marketing rests on the content strategy. Content strategy should be built in such a way that it supports the organisation’s business objectives and thought leadership. Content strategy defines goals, target groups, content themes, indicators and operating methods in practice. What warrants special attention is how the content finds its way to its target audience.

The starting point for content production is not to overlook a single good content. This is why it’s a good idea to produce content on three levels:

  • In-depth content which supports thought leadership
  • News on current affairs and contents which generate seasonal sales
  • Fast content flows which support a sense of community (including social media)

This division helps us to link content production to various stages of the buyer’s journey in a natural way. It also allows every produced content to serve the audience, while implementing the objectives of its publisher.

Content marketing is helped along with our smooth content production process which has been developed and honed to correspond to our customers’ objectives. The process accounts for different channels, tools and the measurement of the impact of contents. We make the process transparent and effective by exploiting tools that support openness, familiar from agile methods.

The core of productive content marketing is composed of multiple channels in which every content idea is reviewed through the lense of various channels and target groups. You can produce different formats of the same topic for your own, bought and earned media. Our social media services, media agency and PR services ensure that your customers can find the content useful for them in a variety of channels. We will also create continuously monitored indicators for the availability of the contents.

Good content is also created together! We know how to engage experts strongly in content production – we coach, motivate and help them to form profiles and function as high-quality sources for excellent content.

Our services in content marketing

  • Content strategy: the goals, target groups, themes, content formats, tools and experts of content marketing
  • Modelling the content production process
  • The building of tools that support content production
  • The conceptualisation of content formats
  • Content production: articles, blogs, manuals, videos, podcasts, infographs, presentation materials
  • The conceptualisation of customer and personnel magazines
  • The production of customer and personnel magazines
  • Increasing the speed of content distribution
  • Indicators and monitoring