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CRM Toolbox has now become part of Avidly, the world's leading HubSpot Agency

CRM Toolbox, HubSpot Integration, Migration and Onboarding specialists, has been acquired by Avidly, the world’s leading HubSpot agency. This is announced just days after Avidly has been announced as Global HubSpot Partner of the Year for the 4th Year in a row. 

As a remote agency primarily serving clients in the USA, CRM Toolbox’s team will join 280+ employees across the globe as we continue to take pride in our global offering. All the teams will join as one and the acquisition will accelerate the continued growth of both companies, particularly in North America.

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CRM Toolbox CEO, Ranya Barakat says, “As a team, we are thrilled to join Avidly, a leader in the HubSpot ecosystem. This strategic move opens up new possibilities for our clients and team. We look forward to expanding our offerings and helping thousands of customers in North America to grow their businesses with the help of cutting-edge technology and best-in-class customer service. Fun times ahead."

John-Matias Uuttana, chairman of Avidly’s Board of Directors says “Over the past year, we have been actively exploring various growth and partnership opportunities within the Martech ecosystem. CRM Toolbox shares our values and vision to create impactful growth in both our customers’ businesses and our own business. With the acquisition, we are expanding our current service offering whilst strengthening Avidly’s current position as a global leading sales and marketing partner for the world’s leading marketing automation system HubSpot.”

With this move, the business will be able to carry on serving even bigger and more exciting international clients.

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Contact: Rikki Lear