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Avidly has appointed Ingunn Bjøru as Chief Operating Officer, International activities. Teea Björklund has been appointed as Chief Operating Officer, Finland.

Ingunn Bjøru has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of Avidly international activities and Teea Björklund Chief Operating Officer of Avidly Finland. Both have also been been appointed members of the Avidly Group Management  Team as from 1 January 2019.

Other members of the GroupManagement Team are from 1 January 2019 Ismo Nikkola (Chief Strategy Officer), Mikko Marttinen (CFO) and Jyrki Vaittinen (CEO from January 1, 2019).

Ingunn Bjøru has previously worked as country manager for Norway and Avidly's Inbound Marketing Chief Operating Officer. She has international experience from the large media companies, media agency operations and innovative startup companies. She is one of Norway’s leading experts on inbound marketing focusing on HubSpot, Inbound Marketing and growth.


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Teea Björklund has previously worked in Avidly's Finnish Business Management Group with responsibility for consumer marketing and advertising business. She has a vast experience in b-to-c marketing especially from the food industry, where she has worked for almost 15 years. Teea is a experienced professional of brand management and customer insight with a passion for strategic marketing.


Teea Björklund is chairman of the Finnish Business Management Team and Ingunn Bjøru, Chairman of the International Business Management Team, respectively.

For more information:
Jyrki Vaittinen, Chief Operating Officer (CEO from January 1, 2019), tel.
+358 40 703 1662
Tuomas Airisto, CEO (until 31 December 2018), tel. +358 40 566 1331