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Recruitment Phishing Scam Warning

WARNING: A recruitment phishing scam is underway using Avidly’s name

A recruitment scam is phishing personal information from people that are “offered jobs” from Avidly. Cases have come to light this week using a false domain registered within the past four days.

In the scam, people are contacted with (false) job offers. The “recruitee” (victim) is encouraged to log in to a site that uses Avidly's visual appearance, through which salary payment is promised.

The website form collects personal data for unknown purposes.

The website / domain being used for contacting people is NOT Avidly's. PLEASE DO NOT register on this website.

We will not be sharing the URL here so that you do not visit it. But here are the signs to look out for:

  • Legitimate emails to and from Avidly would use as the domain - the scam is using various fake variants
  • The place to apply to work at Avidly is via our career page and then our recruitment tool
  • Our team who reach out to potential recruitment candidates are NOT the people being referenced by the scam (the scam is referencing 'Mark Byrne', 'Antonia Moss', 'Sam Sharples')
  • All communication regarding Avidly recruitment processes will be sent from a genuine Avidly email address (, the process will entail multiple face-to-face or video call interviews.

Avidly has notified the authorities, who are seeking to shut down the site.

If you have any concerns with the validity of your communication please contact us via our dedicated report-a-problem page: