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#tomorrowbound – helping customers succeed both today and tomorrow

Marketing companies Zeeland Family, Doidea, Inbound Norway and Katalysator are now known as Avidly. The new name comes along with a revised customer promise and brand.

Avidly was formed when Finnish-based Zeeland Family acquired a group of Nordic companies from Sweden, Denmark and Norway, and united them all under a mutual brand.

The new company fuses together focused and result-driven marketing with adventurous creative work in a unique way. These two form a special duality that is mirrored also in Avidly’s customer promise: #tomorrowbound.

“Setting a destination for measurable goals is the foundation of growth. The adventure of it comes from creativity: exploring and discovering, innovating. Embracing new ideas and leaving behind conventions of the old. These are crucial if we desire to make an emotional connection. Tomorrow is not built upon yesterday’s lessons”, says Avidly CEO Tuomas Airisto.

“It’s in the way we think and act. By living in the now, but by making the right moves for tomorrow. We always look beyond and help our customers to ensure their success in the future, as well. That is #tomorrowbound.”

Avidly provides the most diverse selection of marketing expertise in the Nordics. It combines strategic work, creative design, multichannel content production, digital communication services, inbound marketing, and media services to form a future-driven aggregate.

“We are one of the few agencies that can truly serve their customers in today’s marketing landscape in a comprehensive way. We never get hung up on a single method but always pick our tools based on specific goals.”

Avidly works locally with its customers, but is simultaneously also a global and international company of marketing services. Altogether, the company operates in 15 locations across Nordics.

“An increasing number of our Nordic customers see the entire world as their marketing battleground. As the world’s leading HubSpot partners and with our international AMIN network of agencies, we can help them reach every possible continent”, Airisto says.

The philosophy of #tomorrowbound also includes a strong vision of building tomorrow together – with different professionals and countries, and always with the customer.

“Marketing as a Service plays a central role in our company strategy. Already nearly half of our customers are involved in continuous marketing services. We do not cooperate only on a project basis but offer a comprehensive partnership that looks beyond tomorrow, together with our customers.”

Additional information:

  • Tuomas Airisto, CEO, Avidly Plc, tel. +358 40 566 1331,
  • Jonaz Kumlander, Country Manager Sweden, +46 709 752000
  • Ingunn Bjøru, Country Manager Norway, +47 976 29 377,
  • Brian Stræde, Country Manager Denmark, +45 40428781