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Solar Foods was awarded the EMEA top prize at the SABRE Awards

Avidly’s longstanding customer Solar Foods was awarded the EMEA top prize in its category at the SABRE Awards, the world’s most prestigious PR competition! In addition, we also brought home an honourable mention for Solein’s brand narrative. The winners were announced in London on 27 May 2022.

Solein_key_2000x1500 (1)Food out of thin air!

Solar Foods is a Finnish company that produces a protein called Solein from the air using electricity, and the company's main message is food out of thin air.

"Solar Foods is a unique customer. Few people get the chance to brand and commercialise a completely new protein. It’s like presenting the world a goose that lays golden eggs."

Minna Utriainen, Strategist – Avidly

Avidly has been a strategic partner of Solar Foods since 2017. Avidly has helped Solar Foods’ create their vision, mission, key messages and a brand strategy firmly rooted in the business strategy. In addition, Avidly has supported Solar Foods with their investor relations. In 2021, Avidly helped launch Solein’s product brand as well.

”The key to the Solein product narrative was to take the story of an edible microbial protein from the science pages and move it to the culinary pages by telling the story of delicious foods that can be made with Solein, all with a stunning visual identity.”

Erik Mashkilleyson, Strategist – Avidly

Solar Foods has emerged as a spearhead example of Finnish innovation and in 2021, it was the the Finnish Climate Fund’s first recipient of financing. Solar Foods has managed to raise more than EUR 40 million in total funding from several leading financial institutions. The next step is the commercialisation of Solein, which Avidly is heavily involved in too.

"This is distinctly a B2B product, with a brand being built for investors, regulators, decision makers and opinion leaders. Our aim is to shape the world into one that will welcome this new product.”

Minna Utriainen, Strategist – Avidly


sabre 2Avidly Strategists Erik Mashkilleyson and Laura Heikkinen accepting the SABRE Award. Also pictured on the right is Provoke Media’s Associate editor Maja Pawinska Sims. Photo by PRovoke Media