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Digital marketing

For the customer, digital marketing represents an effective means by which to reach its audience in digital channels around the world. Our service covers the different aspects of digital marketing at all points of encounters and all stages of the buyer’s journey.

Digital marketing also produces precise real-time information on its every aspect. Marketing managed with data requires both technological and strategic expertise.  We will help you to map data sources, set targets and build up a KPI instrument.

digital marketing services

Once the data has been analysed, we will design the contents and channels of the marketing on the basis of data-driven insights. We build web services, design and produce contents for various stages of the buyer’s journey and help you in the implementation and productive use of marketing automation.

Page visitations received through search engines are typically very relevant in terms of sales. Search engine optimisation involves designing pages from a technical point of view, but especially content-wise, in such a way that they can be found with real search terms used by potential customers. To know how your own pages respond to these search terms, you should monitor and optimise your pages actively, with the help of a professional partner.

We can also help you in the design and implementation of productive search engine advertising. We use cutting edge software to optimise the effectiveness of marketing and maximise your visibility in search engines. In addition to search engine advertising, we will help you to buy and target other digital marketing, such as social media marketing and influencer marketing.

All marketing is measurable. Whether your objective is to develop your brand or an immediate increase in sales, the results can and must be measured. By analysing the measurement data, we can learn about the past and predict the future and make decisions based on data to develop marketing. We analyse the results of marketing and report them with the help of our customised dashboard solution.

Our services include

  • Review of the current state of analytics and recommended measures
  • Building a KPI instrument
  • Web service development
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • The production of search engine-friendly content
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Online and social media marketing
  • Marketing automation [link]
  • Dashboard tools and monitoring